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Book Review: Parables of the Cross

Parables of the Cross

This book is for any thoughtful Christian. The text is not difficult to grasp, but is not meant to be read with haste. I can assure you that after reading this little book, you will hear every seed, bud, and petal encouraging you to be a living sacrifice for the glory of God.

The challenge to love in deed

Hall and Moore were plugging a new book, What Difference Do It Make? (WDDIM). The new book covers what their lives have been like since the success of SKODAM. Their stories made me laugh. More than anything else, though, I marveled over how two very different men could become such close friends. I decided I had to make the trip to Birmingham to buy the books and meet the authors.

January Book Give Away — Autobiographies

I have three books to give away: Pausch has some good, practical things to share in his book, The Last Lecture, but I felt like, in a book written to his children regarding the most important lessons he’s learned, he ought to have included… Continue Reading “January Book Give Away — Autobiographies”

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