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this post has no title, just words and a picture

Running errands today, the suffocating Alabama heat reminded me of childhood summers spent walking from my grandparents’ produce store to the library to my dad’s barber shop for a bottled Coke to home. When Mom or Dad had a break in their workday, they…

Gardening and birthday parties

This weekend was one of our busiest.  I may as well tell you about it. Friday we worked almost the entire day in our garden.  My job was to weed and neaten the furrows.  Karl and the kids did most of the extra planting,…

Nostalgia. Would you like some? Because I have plenty

I lived my first decade of life in a small town. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, growing up in a small town was a blessing. The first thing I remember about our life was that I was free to roam. Everyone…

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