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Spent too much time in bed this morning, hoping my headache would go away. Long shower. 2 cups of coffee. Felt human again. Put on make-up. Felt like a woman. Late lunch. Did a little schoolwork. Gave math review lessons to Noah and Abbey… Continue Reading “Tired”

Decreasing the daily dirty dishes pile

Sunday afternoon, while our family was visiting at Karl’s grandmother’s house, I noticed an old Southern Living book. I say old, but it really isn’t old — it’s from 1997. I didn’t know it, but, apparently, Southern Living compiles every single recipe from one… Continue Reading “Decreasing the daily dirty dishes pile”

Book Review: Building Her House

Commonsensical Wisdom for Christian Women by Nancy Wilson Building her House by Nancy Wilson is a collection of thought-provoking essays for wives and mothers.  Originally written for her column in the newsletter Credenda Agenda these essays read like letters from a thoughtful and wise… Continue Reading “Book Review: Building Her House”

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