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Are we too far into April to post a status update?

April 2012 Status Update: Sitting….at the green desk. I moved it to a different corner of the room so that I’d be able to look out the window while I write. I really like this point of view. The natural light is pleasant and… Continue Reading “Are we too far into April to post a status update?”

March 2012

We celebrated an anniversary: Karl’s parents’ 40th! We celebrated a birthday: my firstborn turned 13. The boys and I competed in an orienteering meet, a VERY fun adventure. We visited my lovely grandmother. We made a few more visits to the orthodontist. We prepped… Continue Reading “March 2012”

Mid-Late April Status Report

Sitting…in the big chair in the family room. I LOVE these quiet hours before the kids are up! Wanting…a cup of coffee. I think I’d like to have one of those automatic coffee makers that I can schedule to make the coffee for me.… Continue Reading “Mid-Late April Status Report”

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