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Winners of Lilla Rose Giveaway

Well, this has been a fun week. I enjoy the process of hosting a giveaway; it’s a nice diversion. Let’s do this again soon. The winners of the clip giveaway are: STACI and LISA   The winners of Joeann’s Lilla Rose gift certificates are:…

More ways to enter the drawing from Lilla Rose

When I emailed Joeann to get some links and tell her about my giveaway, she offered to expand it to TWO more winners! She’s throwing in 2 gift certificates for flexi-clips. There are five ways to earn entries for the gift certificate drawing: Like…

Favorite Find at the Southern Women’s Show (Giveaway)

Saturday, my girls and I visited the Southern Women’s Show in Birmingham. Yes, you read that correctly. Not typically something I would do even when offered free tickets, but I figured my girls would enjoy seeing the exhibits, taking advantage of the free samples,…

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