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Answering Your Questions, Part 2

Back in January, I opened the blog “floor” for questions so that I’d have some topics to write about in the future. One question was about my kids: What is one recent something your children have done that shows evidence of God’s grace in… Continue Reading “Answering Your Questions, Part 2”

Thankful Thursday — The Kids

I am thankful for my children. While the four of them have quite a bit in common, each one is so very unique. Being their mother has not been easy, but I wouldn’t trade them (or the mothering experience) for anything in the world.… Continue Reading “Thankful Thursday — The Kids”

Sometimes a girl just needs to cry

he started to pout and grumble a little bit. I asked her to check her attitude before we had to do some discipline. A few minutes later she was in full-on fit mode: obstinate, fussy, kicking her feet under the table. Then she started to scream and cry — a rather fake cry, if you ask me. Not having any idea what triggered this outburst, and not getting any answer from her about it, I asked her to go stand in the corner.

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