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Our Weekend

Yes, I have resorted to writing about our weekend. My how this mighty blogger has fallen. Friday…hmmm….what happened Friday? I think I wrote a blog post about our Student Life trip to Atlanta. Nope, that was yesterday. Goodness! I am struggling to remember anything…

Living by James 4:15

All of our plans for this weekend changed yesterday. I was supposed to have a photo session with a new client yesterday afternoon, but rain put a stop to it. Then, today we were supposed to celebrate my nephew’s birthday with water guns and…

7 am – 7:45 am

I’ve been up since about 5:20 this morning.  Nothing noteworthy about that; I only mention it because it is now 7 and I’m only beginning to write something.  I had high hopes of writing about something from Isaiah (from this morning’s reading), but it…

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