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Like Mother Like Daughter

It always happened at night.  From the time I was about 7 or 8 I would lie in bed and think about dying.  I obsessed about the death of my grandmother, who, by the way, is still kicking in  her 80’s.  If I wasn’t… Continue Reading “Like Mother Like Daughter”

Book Review: Parables of the Christ-life

by I. Lilias Trotter Isabella Lilias Trotter was born in 1853 to a wealthy London family.  Born with an uncommon talent for sketching and painting, Lilias forsook fame and renown in order to serve the Lord Jesus as a missionary to Muslim women in… Continue Reading “Book Review: Parables of the Christ-life”

The Triumphal Aspect of Redemption

From Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray: “Redemption from the power of sin may be called the triumphal aspect of redemption. In his finished work Christ did something once for all respecting the power of sin and it is in virtue of this… Continue Reading “The Triumphal Aspect of Redemption”

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