Status Update — August

Sitting…on an end of the couch, Bama blanket draped over my legs, book in my lap. Drinking…a cup of camomile tea Reading…Wild by Cheryl Strayed. “A powerful, blazingly honest memoir: the story of an eleven-hundred-mile solo hike that broke down a young woman reeling from catastrophe — and built her back up again.” A story […]

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Status Update: July

Sitting…well, actually, I’m lying down. It is now precisely 3:42 in the AM. I tossed and turned, read some blogs, saw the date, and decided to write an update of my own. Drinking…nothing, but I may go for a bit of water in a moment. Something in the air affected my allergies, and I did […]

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Status Update: May

36. That’s the number of times I’ve seen May 7th. Say what you want about Facebook, but it is AWESOME on one’s birthday. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of my “Happy Birthday” messages. Several of the messages were thoughtful and helped make me feel special. As I sit at the school table working […]

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Status Update: April 2013

Sitting…in the driver’s seat of my mini-van. Waiting…for Abs to get out of her music class. Thinking…that I’d like to revive this blog. Wishing…I had a writing plan for reviving this blog. Anticipating…having to answer the question,”What’s for dinner?” Wishing…I had taken that chicken out of the freezer yesterday. Pondering…the time between Easter (First Fruits) […]

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January Status Update

Sitting…at the kitchen table. Drinking…coffee with a little half&half. The current bag of beans is Red Diamond. Thinking…about what I need to do to transition smoothly from Christmas vacation mode back into school mode. Thankful…for a very quiet morning to read, pray, and think about the day ahead. Reading…a couple of books on prayer, a […]

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