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Take Cover Now

Our first experience in a tornado shelter

A Tea Party

Last year, a tornado – “the” tornado – destroyed Alberta Baptist Church’s building. Open Door Baptist (my church) has been sharing a building with them ever since. While we have not combined our church families, we have been doing more and more together as… Continue Reading “A Tea Party”

Bo Bikes Bama


There’s still work to do in Alabama. Thanks, Bo!

Thankful Thursday: Tornado Clean-Up

I am thankful Walt Maddox is the mayor of Tuscaloosa. Mayor Maddox has repeatedly proven his ability to lead with integrity and professionalism. Perhaps the most important characteristic that makes Maddox a great leader for Tuscaloosa during this time is his sincere affection for… Continue Reading “Thankful Thursday: Tornado Clean-Up”

Three months

Three months have passed since a tornado took out whole sections of Tuscaloosa. Here are a couple of articles published this week to mark the time. First, a moving piece by Rick Bragg. As Southerners, we know that a man with a chainsaw is… Continue Reading “Three months”

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