Misery Loves Company & Roll Tide!

From Elizabeth Eliot:

Several Ways to Make Yourself Miserable

  1. Count your troubles, name them one by one–at the breakfast table, if anybody will listen, or as soon as possible thereafter.
  2. Worry every day about something. Don’t let yourself get out of practice. It won’t add a cubit to your stature but it might burn a few calories.
  3. Pity yourself. If you do enough of this, nobody else will have to do it for you.
  4. Devise clever but decent ways to serve God and mammon. After all, a man’s gotta live.
  5. Make it your business to find out what the Joneses are buying this year and where they’re going. Try to do them at least one better even if you have to take out another loan to do it.
  6. Stay away from absolutes. It’s what’s right for you that matters. Be your own person and don’t allow yourself to get hung up on what others expect of you.
  7. Make sure you get your rights. Never mind other people’s. You have your life to live, they have theirs.
  8. Don’t fall into any compassion traps–the sort of situation where people can walk all over you. If you get too involved in other people’s troubles, you may neglect your own.
  9. Don’t let Bible reading and prayer get in the way of what’s really relevant–things like TV and newspapers. Invisible things are eternal. You want to stick with the visible ones–they’re where it’s at now.

I don’t know about you, but I was doing a pretty good job of making myself miserable earlier today by fretting over how messy I allowed the house to get this week. I didn’t do any of the FlyLady stuff during the week, and I’m paying for it today. Rather than getting busy, I sat on the bed near tears because of the disaster facing me in every room. Hubby helped to snap me out of my pity party and I got busy cleaning and decluttering.

For me, the hardest part is just getting started. I have to take it one task at a time. Time has flown and I’ve gotten a lot done. My sweet daughter is a big help! I’m going to recommit to following the FlyLady for this coming week.

Auburn is sure to lose against Florida. If Bama can pull out a win, it will be a perfect day.

2 Comments on “Misery Loves Company & Roll Tide!

  1. Both our teams manage to squeek out a win in nail biting competition. My husband says Roll Tide and I say War Eagle !!


  2. I agree with you, the hardest part is definitely getting started. I have been majorly cleaning cupboards today and am exhausted now!!!!Love the Elizabeth Eliot list.


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