What Happened?

Karl and I stayed up late to try and keep up with the election returns. After about 10:30 we were so depressed we had to call it a night. I’m not sure I can express my disappointment adequately. I am angry that so many Republicans decided to stay home yesterday. Many conservative initiatives were passed around the country, and I’m glad of that. However, Republicans not voting out of anger with their representatives was foolish, to say the least. I am at a loss for words. I’m not sure I understand the “message” they were trying to send by not voting.

Some interesting articles have emerged as a result of this election. Here are some links:
What President Bush Should Say to Us, Part 1
Fighting Shariah: What President Bush Should Say to Us, Part 2
Uncomfortable Lessons from a Disastrous Night

And did you know…
Minnesota sends the first Muslim to Congress

Home-Steeped Hope offers some encouragement!

6 Comments on “What Happened?

  1. You were venting on this post while I was venting on your previous. Should we meet for coffee and vent together? See ya in about 12 hours 🙂


  2. I agree! We were upset with the results as well….and after hearing Nancy Pelosi give her little democratic *I’m the House Chairman speech* I thought I was going to be sick.Democrats domintaed in all of our elections here!


  3. Kim (Mercy Days) and the other Kim–Karl and I have been commissarating (sp?) and we still don’t feel any better. We sat and listen to Rush this afternoon for a little while, and he didn’t make me feel any better either.Jenn–No kidding!


  4. Thanks for linking to me, Leslie!I wondered if a bunch of republicans voted democrat this time around? I heard that the democrat’s strategy (and it worked) was to get candidates that were tailer made for the districts voting for them. IE: the candidates expressed the same values. If so, if they really ARE conservative democrats, then will they be taken seriously or be steamrolled over…?Who knows, maybe the next two years will shake some sense back into the republicans who either didn’t vote, or crossed party lines. Then it’ll be just in time for the presidential election, and maybe things will be righted.


  5. I’m a little more pessimistic right now. I don’t think things are ever going to be righted. I am afraid that the dems are going to completely sell us out. Even though I’m pessimistic, I’m still praying for some real conservative candidates to come forth in the next couple of years. That’s the real reason why the republican party lost this time. They aren’t conservative anymore!


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