Christmas Pictures, Part 2

Christmas 2000. Benjamin is 6 months old. Hannah is 21 months old.

We don’t have any other pictures from this session because Hannah refused to smile without her tongue hanging out of her mouth. You know how you can tell when your kids just keep doing something because they know…they KNOW…you’re about to explode? And they are going to enjoy the spectacle? That was Hannah and me that day.
Me: Please smile pretty and make a good picture with Benjamin.

Hannah: Grin. Smile.

Me: Good!!

PhotographerButton pusher: 1-2-

Hannah sticks out tongue!

Button pusher: 3!

I was so frustrated with this picture when I picked it up, but now it is one of my favorites. It always makes me laugh.

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3 Comments on “Christmas Pictures, Part 2

  1. I have one at a similar age with Hannah & Emma and Hannah was given a lollipop by the *button-pusher* and would NOT take it out of her mouth. Emma was younger than Benjamin and just at the *holding her head up* stage, so I am jumping around like a loon trying to get her head up and screaming at Hannah to get that lolli out of her mouth! I agree with you; at this stage in life it is one of my favorite pictures :)I wish the picture-takers would snap a couple of the mothers during this process. Talk about a hoot!


  2. So cute! I have had some crazy moments trying to get pictures too and some of my favorites are the ones I didn’t consider a success at the time, they describe the age so well.


  3. Love it! isn’t it funny how in retrospect things are so different. This picture is a real treasure and the memory of the tongue sticking out!


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