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Kim at Lifesong tagged me last week. There were two memes in her post, and I’m not sure which one I am supposed to do. For Karl’s birthday, I listed 33 reasons I love him. I think that covers the “13 things i love about my husband” meme. The other meme is “9 weird things about me.” It has taken me some time to think of NINE weird things. Besides, what I think is perfectly normal you may find extremely weird. This is probably going to include way more information than you ever wanted to know about me, but here you go!

9 Weird Things About Moi:
#1 I like to watch movies with Karl after the kids go to bed, but I almost always fall asleep.

#2 I love to read! I’d rather have a good book than anything else. For example, Karl asked if I would like a particular piece of jewelry for Christmas. I thought for a moment. The first thing that came to my mind: for a lot less money I could have a particular set of commentaries I’ve had my eye on for more than a year. Diamonds OR to understand the ins-and-outs of the book of Hebrews? There’s really no competition in my mind.

#3 I have close to zero memory of my young childhood.

#4 After the book store, my next favorite is a stationery store.

#5 I am a woman who does not know how to shop. I need new clothes! However, I am incapable of choosing clothes for myself. I went shopping the other day and did not see one single thing I liked. How is that possible?

#6 I snack while I’m cooking dinner.

#7 Thanks to having a younger brother, I developed a superpower: I can tune out anything.

#8 I’m up to about six different shampoos in my shower and I still haven’t found one I like.

#9 I’ll put Worcestershire sauce on anything to make it better.

7 Comments on “Tagged again!

  1. That was fun! I’m also one of those who would prefer books to jewellery, can shop without finding a thing I like, and can tune out just about *anything* (much to the delight of my children who have learned they can get away with murder when I’m concentrating on something else)


  2. Great list Leslie! I am totally with you on no.2 and 4 and I would love to develop the superpower in no.7!!!


  3. We must like the same kind of books…Kim from lifesong(I still can not log in!)


  4. Wocestershire sauce? YUCK! LOL! I love books too, but if hubby offered jewelry, I have to admit, I’d be tempted…..:-) I am attending a bible study on Hebrews right now!Sinclair Ferguson has some great studies on New Testament books. Not sure if he did Hebrews, though…..Janet T. tuiningatreasures.blogspot.com


  5. He, he, he. I’d choose books over jewellery any time and I’m with you on Worcestershire sauce…manna (sp?). PS.I see you’ve visited our friend Luther. I too am a big fan of Christopher Guest, so funny you wake the kids with raucous howling.


  6. I’m right with you on the “After the book store, my next favorite is a stationery store.”I could get lost for hours on end in either one . . . . that and libraries. I even love the smell of libraries!! Who needs new jewelery or clothing when you can have more books and cool pens!


  7. I’m w/you on the books over jewelry too. I need that superpower. 🙂


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