Princess Abigail

My mom gave this crown and earrings set to Abbey on Tuesday. She has only taken it off at bedtime. Did you know princesses do not remove their crowns at nap time? Me neither.

I just took this picture a few minutes ago, so this is Her Highness right out of bed. This particular princess isn’t old enough to mind being photographed early in the morning.

Abs has also made it clear that when she is wearing her crown (which is all the time, so I don’t know what happens when she takes it off) she is to be called Princess Abigail. Not Abbey. Abigail. I guess it sounds more formal and princess-like.

Princess Abigail has finished her breakfast and is now “commanding” her loyal subjects (ME!) to play Candyland. I’d better hop-to-it.


11 thoughts on “Princess Abigail

  1. I’ve played it three times today so far. CandyLand is so tiring and mundane to this almost-30-year-old subject. The Princess thinks it’s great, though.


  2. What a beautiful princess! We have a princess here too that never wants to wear real clothes, only dresses or anything sparkly and fancy.


  3. She is so cute! It’s funny because I posted on Amy being a princess today also! I’m with you on the tiring aspect of all games like “candyland”, but the memories are worth it. Tomorrow I’ve promised the “princess” a game of UNO.


  4. UNO is way more fun than CandyLand, in my opinion. At least I don’t almost fall asleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing games with the kids, but CandyLand is not my favorite.


  5. She is a cutie! Oh the days of tiaras and big clip on earrings! We are big fans of the matching game around here! Have you gotten the candyland DVD game? Our girls like it a lot too!


  6. Wow I just surfed across your blog, because of the book review “Homeschooling w/a Meek and Quiet Spirit”. Looks like I will be buying myself a book. Candy Land is great fun to play backwards- from someone who has played it until the cards are all marked.


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