It’s a Birthday!

Well, exciting things are happening at our house!! The kitten we adopted (and named “Princess Buttercup,” but we call her “Kitty”) the Sunday before Thanksgiving has birthed her first litter of kittens. As we were getting ready to leave for church today, Hannah noticed that she had already had two of her babies. Being that it is unseasonably cold, we decided to move Kitty and her babies inside.

Karl received a big box of Banthas and Tuskan Raiders in the mail on Friday–a box perfect for queening. We set up the box with some clean towels, put Kitty and her two kittens in it, and sat bug-eyed for the next two hours…on the floor… in our Sunday clothes.

Hannah has named them and assigned them to their future owners. Kitty now belongs to Abbey. Kitten #1 is named Buster if it’s a boy (Hannah thinks it resembles the markings on this cat’s (scroll down to Buster) face), and Prissy if it’s a girl. Kitten #2 is Stripe–it is black with a brown stripe right between its ears–and belongs to Benjamin. Kitten #3 is all black, named Chocolate (that’s my girl!), and belongs to Noah.

Mother and kittens are doing well. Kitty has only left them for a few moments to go outside to her food and water, then she waits for someone to let her back inside. She hops right back into her box and snuggles up with her little babies. They are soooocute! I’ll share some pictures tomorrow…Karl had to take our camera to his office on Friday AND HE LEFT IT THERE!!! Shame.

5 Comments on “It’s a Birthday!

  1. Look forward to the pics. Our neighbors cat just had kittens and the kids got to see them. They were begging for one, but I’m thinking I’ll have to break down and get a hypoallergenic dog soon,


  2. OH! I know that cat!Oh, I do hope it’s a boy! And as sweet as our Buster!


  3. Oh FUN!!! I remember being a kiddo and having cats who had lots of babies! Some of my favorite childhood memories!!! I see you are reading instruments the the redeemers hands….GREAT, GREAT, GREAT book!!!!! Ahhhhh…..and one the WHOLE church needs to read! What do you think of it?


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