Yay Mom!!

Today’s Heroine Award goes to a mother!! She was wading near a reef with her 3-year-old son on her hip and her teenage son beside her when a shark attacked her, biting her calf and foot!

“My son was with me, we were walking together, I just think thank goodness it bit me, not Brandon.

“I had my camera in my hand and Ethan on my hip, I started hitting it with my camera and shaking my leg trying to get it off.

Cooke said her main worry was the unidentified shark might attack her children.

Finally, a great mom who actually cares for her children is in the news!! Read the rest of their story here.

3 Comments on “Yay Mom!!

  1. AH! That is scary! I’m glad they are okay! Don’t mess with us Mommas! 🙂


  2. Here,Here! I too love to hear of brave, loving mommies.


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