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It’s been so long since my last “In the News” post I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been going on at our house. Get ready for random!

The kids just finished up their fourth week of swimming lessons. Abbey isn’t quite old enough to participate in the lessons, but since the coach encourages all parents and children to swim while the lessons are going on, she has learned to swim anyway. She can streamline with her head underwater and without wearing her swimming vest. Hannah and Benjamin are learning different strokes this summer. They are talking like they are going to be on the pre-team next year, but they still have a lot to learn. Noah has moved from beginner to advanced beginner in three weeks. Last summer he clung to me like a rat on a sinking ship, so we are very happy for him. And for the first time in over a decade I have a decent tan!

Karl found a great deal on a used car, and he is a very happy man.

This past Thursday we visited the town in which I lived my first decade of life. My dad invited us to come down for some swimming and golf. It’s really neat to watch my kids play in the same pool that I played in when I was their ages. It was their first time with a pool slide, and OH.MY.GOODNESS the fun!!

Dad bought some short clubs for the boys and he took them out on the course to see what they could do. Noah was able to make it from one tee to the green in 5 shots. Dad was very impressed. Now he is really encouraging me to add golf to our curriculum this year!

Of course, what the boys enjoy more than anything is driving the cart. Yes, my father allowed my children to drive. That’s would have been fine had he kept to the more mature of the bunch. However, he allowed Noah to drive!! Benjamin confessed later that Noah turned a curve while he was going a little too fast and threw him out of the cart.

“A little too fast?!”

“Yeah! It was awesome!!”

Because of Benjamin’s allergies, he had little whelps across his back from rolling across the grass. I’m just glad I wasn’t with them to witness all their “fun.” All I can say is my dad has lots of patience. I would have been a nervous wreck. Maybe by the time they’re 15 I’ll have mellowed a little.

The homeschool convention was this weekend. We only visited the vendor hall and we took the kids with us this year. They really enjoyed looking through all of the books. They found a different book for everything they were interested in, and I had a hard time saying “no” to some things. (Y’all know how I feel about books.) I found everything on my list. Then, I consulted with a Sonlight rep to help me figure out what to order based on my kids’ abilities. I know Sonlight tries to make it easy, but every year they come up with a new way to “make it easy” and I always get confused. So, this time I said point-blank, “This year I just want history and reading. Hannah enjoys reading books like….Benjamin enjoys……just mark the appropriate boxes and I’ll place my order.” It was soooo much easier than trying to figure it out myself.

We also found a course for Dad to do with the kids. It’s called Woodshop 101 for Kids. It has 21 lessons to teach the basics of woodworking and 14 projects that kids can do. He looked at me and asked, “This looks like fun. Do you want to get this?”

“Ah, you better answer that yourself because I won’t be teaching any woodworking.”

Karl is excited about doing this with our “students.” I am excited that he wants to be a little more involved in our school. I asked him if he could teach science this past year, but it never worked out for him to do it. It was really cool to meet the daughter of the man who created this course. She showed off some of the items she had made this year. Her mother told me that she had learned so much from her dad that by the end she designed and made her own doll bed. Wow!! Girls can use power tools, too!!

After a yummy lunch, went to see Ratatouille. Read an excellent review for Ratatouille. We all enjoyed it! I even teared up a bit at one point. All of the Pixar movies have tugged at my heart in one way or another. The Pixar short at the beginning is hilarious!

The icing on the cake for me this week was a little recognition from a couple of my favorite bloggers. You’ve probably seen these buttons making their ways around the blogs lately.

Rebekah of Sweet Tea with Lemon thinks I’m a rockin’ blogger. I was first introduced to Sweet Tea when she was nominated for a Hidden Treasure Award from Everyday Mommy. I was immediately struck by the originality of her blog title. “Sweet tea because life is so sweet in the Lord, and lemon because we live in a fallen world with some tart or bitter things, and as we learn to glorify Him even in the trials, He grants us the faith to persevere and mature into something beautiful.” She’s an excellent writer, she loves Jesus, and wants to love Him more. Her posts make me think and she challenges me to greater authenticity. She is definitely worth a read.

And Kim of Hiraeth posted her reflections of my blog. I was completely surprised and uplifted by her kind words for Lux Venit. I think I first linked to Hiraeth from the titus2talk blog, but really became acquainted with her through SolaMoms. Her Check Book of the Bank of Faith post is an every day read for me. Lately she’s been posting “short cuts” that have really cracked me up. She’s a woman of spiritual depth, she has a sense of humor, an eye for beauty, she loves Tolkien, she is extremely talented, and likes to work. I’ve purchased about four bookmarks from her already, some as gifts and some for myself.

One thing I enjoy about all of these “awards” is that you have to pass the award along to more bloggers and I am always introduced to someone new (as if I needed another blog subscription!). Rebekah and Kim both mention some other very thoughtful blogs you may like to read. Click on the links to find out who else they tapped as rockin’ and reflectin’.

I think all of my favorites have been tagged for these awards, so I’ll try to think of some who haven’t been tagged yet. If you have already been tagged by another blogger, though, then don’t feel like you have to do this again.

For Rockin’ Girl Blogger:

I’m not sure if this award has any rules attached to it, so here goes.

Anna of WholeHearted Life. This lady loves Jesus and she cracks me up!
Shawnda of Spirit of Adoption. Her passion for Jesus is so evident and real. Every single one of her posts praises Jesus for something, and she’s teaching her kids to do the same with their lives. It’s so fun to read about how they apply the gospel to their everydays (I just made that up, but it works).
Kim of Mercy Days. You know how you just instantly connect with a person sometimes? I’m so grateful for email! As Kim always says, “Mercy.”

For Blogger Reflection Award:

Really and truly all of the blogs on my sidebar are written by thoughtful, Jesus-loving bloggers. So many of them have already been tagged for this award. So, if you’re listed as a Bright Light, consider yourself tagged if you’d like to do pass along this award to some of you favorite blogs. There are one or two, however, that are not mentioned. One is A Picture A Day by Kate. She has shared some of the most amazing photography on her photo blog. Every post is a new treat for the eyes.

Second is Much Ado by Jane. You know…the woman from Ireland, ministering with her husband in Spain, awaiting an adoption from China? I just loved her blog. Jane recently announced that she’s withdrawing her blog from public view. She was one of the first bloggers I started reading about a year ago when I started blogging, and I will miss her. She was famous for her book, movie, and music reviews and recommendations. She also shared wonderful pictures from her life in Spain and her scrapbook layouts. If you kept up with her at all, then you’ll know about their terribly long wait for their daughter from China. I hope one day she returns with the wonderful announcement that they finally have her!

I think this is my longest post ever! I’ll be taking a break from the computer tomorrow. Have a restful, worshipful Lord’s Day!!

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  1. Hi Leslie, what an honour, thank you for this! I still keep track of a few blogs in google reader (yours being one of them) and I have a blog with my book reviews (the link is in my profile), which I will use to review books every now and then. I will make our adoption announcement on that blog… I am still about (kind of!). Thank you so much for what you wrote, I think also yours was one of the first blogs I added to my google reader (bloglines 🙂


  2. Sounds like the kids are having a great summer! I love the story about the golf cart. Too Funny!I’m so glad the homeschool convention went well too. It’s nice to find everything all at once. I think it is great Karl will be working w/the kids too. Lots of memories will be built.


  3. Aw, Leslie! Thanks for the kind words and all the linky love!


  4. Awww you are so sweet! Thanks so much for the sweet words about my photo blog. Having this photo blog has been an eye opening way for me to see Him all around us! I am in awe all the time. Your sweet comments on my posts have also kept me going. Somedays I have no idea what to take a picture of!! Thanks for your encouraging words Leslie! 🙂


  5. Leslie, you never fail to encourage me…through your life, your wisdom, and through personal words of encouragement to me! Thank you so much for your GRACIOUS and encouraging words! You are a precious sister in Christ, and you are continually challenging me!!!!


  6. Thank you! You always have such insight on a variety of topics. I love stopping by!


  7. Leslie,Hey I just found your post. I’m the author of the book, Woodshop 101 for Kids. I think it’s great that husband is using it to get more involved with teaching your kids. That’s why I wrote it! We homeschool our kids as well and the reason I wrote it was for Dad’s to be more involved with the homeschooling process. I always felt that I didn’t contribute much at all and was leaving the job completely to my wife.I hope your kids enjoy the book and building some memories with their Dad!Craig


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