It seems this post may be a continuation of that other post in which I whined about all of our broken stuff. Only this time I hope to not whine so much. I hate whining.

Last Sunday, I failed to mention here that we were in another fender-bender, but this time it didn’t include the fender. One our way home from church, I was waiting to merge onto the highway that leads to our home from the bigger highway that leads away from our home. I am a very careful driver (no accidents in 14 years of driving); at least I think I am. The oncoming traffic was flying past us, and I was patiently waiting for an opening. The gentleman behind us thought I should have gone ahead, so he rammed the rear of my mini-van to let me know his opinion. If you asked the officer who filed the accident report, then you’d get a different story. He seemed to think that I backed into the tank other vehicle. Rrrriiiight. He really thought himself a wit.

The other vehicle was so big and so tall that it completely missed our fender; he just crumpled the back door in the area between the window and the fender.

Hannah, Benjamin, and Noah were with me and they thought it was the best thing that had happened to them all day. “WHOA! WE WERE JUST IN AN WRECK!! THAT WAS AWESOME!” The excitement only intensified after the officer showed up in a full uniform, complete with his pistol and handcuffs. They just couldn’t contain themselves.

“How many children are in your vehicle, ma’am?”

“I know it sounds like they’re legion, but it’s only three.”

“Were you all wearing your seat belts? Are the little ones in child restraints?”

We’ve struggled and struggled with certain kids regarding ALWAYS wearing the seat belt. I won’t name him, but one of them was in the van during the accident (use your deductive reasoning skills and then you can figure out who the other guilty kid is). Seriously, we’ve had more than one of those “If-you-don’t-get-buckled-right-now-I’m-pulling-this-van-over-and-wearing-you-out” moments.

So, this lovely child of mine exclaims, “I was wearing my seat belt, Mommy! I’m not hurt. I would have smacked my head on your chair if I wasn’t buckled.”

He went on and on like he deserved an award or something.

So that was one week ago.

Karl finished building a new bookshelf for me this week, and to make room for it I had to totally upend our laundry room, kitchen, and school area. Don’t ask me why I had to turn over three rooms to utilize one bookshelf, just believe me when I tell you it was necessary.

The girls spent this past weekend with their favorite grandparents. This left me with a house full of males. I had absolutely nothing to do. They invited me outside to watch their paper airplanes, but after one flight I wasn’t all that interested. I provided the necessary, “Oooh, that was a good one,” and went back to what I was doing. I spent my weekend in the laundry room (it’s big; and since I had cleaned it out, it was nice to sit in there), processing the laundry and reading books. I had to come out to feed the males, but I wasn’t needed for much else. I’m not complaining!!

But I noticed tonight a puddle of water on the floor of the laundry room under the hot water heater. It looks like the bottom has rusted out and the water is slowly leaking out of the tank. Guess what I get to shop for tomorrow? Amazingly enough, I’m not even upset about any of this stuff. What’s wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be throwing a fit or something? I guess I’m still happy because the temperature in the house is still a nice 70 degrees. I’m kidding. This season of my life I’m particularly aware that my biggest struggles lie in parenting. The appliances are just a nuisance.

We took the boys to see Vulcan. This is Vulcan:

He was god of fire and volcanoes, and the manufacturer of art, arms, iron, and armor for gods and heroes (Wikipedia). The reason there is a gigantic statue of him in Birmingham is because when Alabama was just beginning to be a state, Birmingham grew out of the mining and steel industry. The city grew so quickly due to this industry it was dubbed “The Magic City.”

So anyway, we thought visiting a half naked statue of a Roman god would be a fun boy thing to do. We were right.

Benjamin and Noah thought Vulcan was the coolest thing ever. The statue is situated atop Red Mountain, thus providing a fantastic view of Birmingham. We even rode the elevator up to the observation deck. I don’t know how high up we were, but it was high enough for me to not want to be up there for more than about ten minutes. We could see through the floor to the ground which was very unsettling. Here are some more pictures:

Then, we went to the bookstore and let the guys pick one book apiece. [My goodness, this post is thrilling!] Benjamin chose a book about hunting beasts or something like that. All I know is that it passed Karl’s inspection. Noah chose a book with life-sized dinosaur pictures. Needless to say, it’s a humongous book.

Please let me apologize to those of you still reading this who aren’t family members. I’m sorry, this post is clearly one for the fam (or those nosy individuals who like to know all the details about what goes on around here). I won’t look down on you if you’re one of the latter as I am the nosiest person I know. You and I can be BFF.

Which reminds me of an excellent couple of posts by Everyday Mommy, Hiraeth, and Sweet Tea with Lemon entitled, “I am not my blog.” I got to thinking about that. I wouldn’t say that I’m my blog, because I’m a person. I will say, however, that my blog is a reflection of who I am. I really haven’t held back too much. I’ve used discretion, but, for the most part, I’ve shared a lot of myself on Lux Venit. I’ve been honest with you.

On the other hand, though I let you peer into my brain almost daily it does not mean you know everything about me. You only know what I’m offering on a given day. Like the lunch special at a restaurant, the chef isn’t showing the whole menu. Today, however, there was just a little too much on the menu.

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  1. Yep, I feel the same. I usually post cheery, little things that happen in our lives. I don’t feel okay with posting my true feelings about many things. I look at my blog as more of a “fun” thing, than a serious one. It’s me in many ways…I’m a pretty cheerful, happy person, but my deep feelings are rarely expressed there.


  2. Oh, and I guess I’m nosy because I LIKED reading about your day. Are we BFF now? 🙂


  3. Leslie, You’re hysterical! I enjoyed this post and love to hear about the ins and outs of my friends’ lives.P.S. You were joking about the police officer saying that it was your fault, right?


  4. Alicia–that was neither a joke nor an embellishment of the truth. He actually said that. Then, he had the nerve to ask me for my height and weight. BUT he didn’t ask the guy who was driving the truck. I said, “So am I the only one who has to be publicly humiliated?” “Well, you shouldn’t have backed into him.”I’m not kidding.


  5. I read the whole thing… and I remember driving by the Vulcan a million times…


  6. I liked this post too!Wow, sorry to hear about the van and your experience w/the police officer. He was harsh!Way to go Karl for building you a new bookshelf. I KNOW you needed it!


  7. Oh! Well I guess I’m the nosey type because I loved reading this. You’re a talented funny writer and it was an entertaining glimpse into your family.


  8. Asking leave to be BFF because a) I’m nosy–I read & enjoyed the details; b) I know what Vulcan is b/c 2nd son did a state project on AL; and c)I share quite similar sentiment on the “not my blog” issue–your restaurant analogy is spot on. I’m willing to forward references on my BFF application. 🙂


  9. Love this post – very interesting and entertaining. You should write more like this. =DI’m with Alicia – the officer REALLY thought it was your fault? btw, Your laundry room sound awesome.


  10. Another BFF here 🙂 I am a bit jealous of the bookshelf. I am in desperate need!Will you paint it or stain it? I think I am going to the unfinished furniture place to get mine. Chris’ to-do list is long and time is wasting over here. I can’t believe it’s August already!


  11. Oh wow! Ya’ll have been through a lot too! VERY fun pics of the kiddos (and the one’s of your girls!!). I’m so thankful that the Lord has given grace for you to not be upset about all the “things” gone “wrong”, but to have peace and keep moving forward! So…..is the becoming jane movie a true story about jane??? or is it fiction???


  12. Loraena–I think the officer was trying to be funny, but he wasn’t.Kim–Karl put a natural varnish on it. It’s not a stain, just something to protect it. He decided to build one because we had a specific place we wanted to fit it and I wanted to be able to arrange the heights of the shelves.Shawnda–Becoming Jane is not a completely true story about Jane Austen. It’s what they call “speculative fiction.” The movie-makers have taken a few facts about Jane and created a movie.


  13. Guess I’m the nosy BFF type, too. :^) I enjoyed reading, but, wow, I’m sorry you had to endure the crummy policeman’s attitude. I can relate to feeling that the biggest challenges are the parenting ones at the moment, too. Have a great day!


  14. LOVED this post. It’s like chatting on a phone! The pics are great and it looks like a fun place to visit. We’re about 2.5 hours from B’ham (I think). Hope you get the van fixed with no out of pocket money! 😉


  15. Loved reading this slice of your life! Look at all your fans–Can I join the BFF club as well? :-)I went with my son on a field trip to the Vulcan–pretty cool trip. The pics are great!


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