Alabama played terribly today. I am very disappointed with the loss to MSU. However, I am happy for Sly Croom.

Not only has he worked extremely hard to turn around the MSU program, he is a native of Tuscaloosa, graduate of Alabama, played under Bryant, and eventually became an assistant coach at Alabama. Just about everything he knows he learned from Bear Bryant. Karl and I thought it would be great to have him as a coach, but Mal Moore went with Mike Shula, and we all know how great that turned out. SO! If we have to lose, I am happy to lose to a man (and his team) whom I know loves Bama. So, yay Dawgs!

Oh, yeah….and Auburn got creamed by Georgia. War Eagle!

Bama’s record thus far is 6-4. I fully expect that we will win the next two games (just because I expect Bama to win every game), but Auburn is going to be fired up for sure. If they can pull out a win, it will extend their streak to six years. SIX YEARS! Curse Tommy Tuberville and his fingers!!

I’m kidding. I know it’s “just football.” Roll Tide anyway. (And thanks for tolerating my football posts).

One Comment on “Croomed!

  1. Oh I love it when you talk football! I know that feeling. I told myself today, it’s just football (mind you that the team I root for gets paid millions to do it!). It’s hard to not be passionate about it and think oh it’s just football! Something in the blood I guess… 🙂


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