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Blogger has a new poll-taking widget and I’m trying it out today. I was thinking over the weekend about what I might write about the next few weeks, and there is precious little right now. I have to catch up on my Reading the Classics Together posts. I’ve been reading the book, but I haven’t typed out my thoughts. I have a couple of movie reviews in my draft pile that I need to finish. Not to mention a couple of book reviews I need to finish. But those are all kind of heavy, not real fun blog-reading. I am wondering if you nice readers would help me generate more ideas.

A couple of the bloggers I enjoy reading ask their readers for questions. (I’ve gotten up the nerve to ask a question or two, but my questions haven’t been picked yet). For example, BigMama asks her readers to supply fashion related questions. (And I’m not ashamed to admit that her advice has helped this fashion-phobic woman). Irish Calvinist has a theological Q & A Friday. So, I thought you might like to help me out on those days that my brain isn’t generating anything meaningful and I end up writing about football.

So, take my poll* and/or leave a question in the comments (or email me) if you’d like to play along. You can be anonymous if you like. I’ll accept any kind of question–spiritual, personal, homeschooling, mommy, wifey, etc.

*Update* The poll is closed.

5 Comments on “Help a Blogger Out

  1. I will definitely ask you a question….but I have to think about it.


  2. Hmm, not sure about questions, but I will keep thinking.I’m impressed by your “read in 2007” list. Mine is significantly smaller. Hopefully I will get more reading in 2008.Oh, here’s a question, did you take the Christmas picture yet? I never did get a good one. I ended up sending in one that was taken this fall.


  3. I was hoping that I could squeeze in three to four books per month this year, but I haven’t finished a book in about two months. I’ve been to busy to sit and read lately–that also explains why my posts have been do dull lately. Well, that is assuming that they weren’t all that dull to begin with. Anyway, no we haven’t attempted a Christmas picture yet. We haven’t done anything Christmas related because our house is still a little upside down. I’m hoping that by the end of this week we’ll have our tree up. Our new carpet should be installed tomorrow so we can get things back in order. I can’t think Christmas until then. Our cards may be more Happy New Year than Merry Christmas this time around.


  4. Lisa–your football post had a spiritual point to it at the end. Mine? Not so much.


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