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Lisa asked me a couple of weeks ago what “Rolling” means in my Exercise Log (see sidebar).

First of all, please notice the precious little exercise going on around here. 4.5 miles in 28 days? Puh-leeze. I may as well quit now. But I won’t. I’m the type of girl who wakes up with a new resolution every stinkin’ day. Which, sadly, also means I have to admit to a new list of failure at the end of every stinkin’ day. Today, I am resolved, one way or another, to hit my favorite sidewalk for some exercise. I am determined to increase the numbers in the sidebar and decrease the numbers on the scale (not to be posted :)).

Back to answering the question. For Christmas, Karl and I bought all of the kids new bikes. And there was much rejoicing.

The only problem is that I was the only one without a bike. Karl bought a new bike a few years ago. For some reason he saw fit to get me something other than a bike for Christmas (which is fine because I am loving what he gave me!). I just can’t keep up with the kids on their bikes. I spend the entire time screaming down the street to them, “Stay on the left!” “Stop!” “Car!” “Double back, please!!” My poor nerves! To remedy this, I decided to buy a pair of roller blades, or in-line skates. I didn’t want to splurge on a bike for myself, and the skates, pads, and helmet came to a little more than $40.

Roller-skating and roller-blading are very similar exercises. I make the same motions and use the same muscles to achieve the same forward movement. The difference lies in one crucial maneuver: the stop. The first time the kids and I ventured out to try out our new wheels, we were coasting downhill when I realized I had no idea how to use the brake on the back of my right skate. After a short internal panic attack, I decided that if I fell the right way, then I would be fine. I still do not know how to stop myself without falling down. But with all the padding, I think I am safe to coast to a gentle crash or fall. It’s been too cold lately to let the kids out for a bike ride, so I haven’t had much practice.

So, that is rolling.

[My dad comes to our house every Christmas morning. I guess he noticed that I was the only one without a bike. A few weeks ago, he showed up with a new bike for me. Wasn’t that thoughtful of him? I’m looking forward to some warmer weather so we can all ride together!]

7 Comments on “Ask Leslie

  1. I think you should keep it on your sidebar, if it helps motivate you. It is hard to get time in to exercise, especially when there are so many other things that fill up our days. I hope you are able to get out today. It can be such a much needed time of refreshment.I love that your Dad got you a bike! That is so thoughtful and it will be fun to take family bike rides together. 🙂


  2. It’s a beautiful day here–sunny and in the 50s. Much better for running.


  3. Kelly, I’m hoping for some slimmer quads by the time summer rolls around.


  4. I was wondering too. I’ve contemplated posting about weight loss and keeping track through the blog for accountability. But so far, I haven’t. Maybe we can help spur each other on.That is so great that your dad got you a bike. I hope you have a fun time together.


  5. I want to see video of the roller blading! Your brave girl – I couldn’t roller blade, I’ve almost broken my neck a couple of times just trying to run!


  6. I don’t know if this was supposed to be funny, but it made me laugh!I want a video too!


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