Kitchen Flooring

Do you remember last year when some plumbing issues forced the boys to have to leave the house? I wrote a little bit about it. The problems with the shower were repaired and our bedroom was put back in order before Christmas. We decided to wait until the holidays passed before we started on the kitchen.

We are beginning that work now. It’s going to be very messy for at least a couple of weeks while the plumbers bust our foundation to get to the broken pipes.

Last night, Karl and I chose the new tile for the kitchen floor. I thought you might like to see it.

It’s going to be applied on a simple grid and I think the tile size is 12 x 12. The grout color is going to blend in with the tiles…invisible grout.

13 Comments on “Kitchen Flooring

  1. We had a linoleum pattern in these colors in our last house and it hardly ever showed dirt! I love ceramic tile and in Texas it is almost the standard in most homes, especially in baths and kitchens but in VA it is terribly expensive!I am sure you will love it 😉


  2. NICE!!! I like it a LOT!!!! And the invisible grout?! WISE mommy!!!!


  3. This looks so similar to the tile we just picked. Would you share the product info on it?


  4. Kate–that’s what I was going for! Right now the floor is white ceramic tile. I hate it.


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