And we finally have some snow!

I went into my children’s bedrooms to wake them.

I whispered, “Hey, kids.”


“It’s time to get up.”


“There’s snow outside.”

Heads pop up immediately.

My children haven’t seen any snow in two years. They are ecstatic over this light dusting!

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8 thoughts on “And we finally have some snow!

  1. I thought of you when I watched the Weather Channel. Figured you might get some! : Dhope there is enough to scoop up and make a few snowballs!K


  2. Tee hee. You can have some of mine, honey. ANY time you want it! (Just don’t take the yellow stuff. It’s used.)


  3. We’re going to Utah to see/play in snow in a few weeks! The kids have never seen it. (They also have absolutely no idea what “cold” really means.) We’re water park people. (Finding outerwear in Florida hasn’t been easy, but we hit the JACKPOT yesterday at Goodwill! Woo Hoo!)


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