Winners of the Bookmarklets

I put your names in “the” Bama helmet.

Hannah drew three names.

Congratulations, y’all!! Email me with your address!

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7 Comments on “Winners of the Bookmarklets

  1. Lisa, me Lisa? Yay! Thank you!Hannah is such a cutie!


  2. The first pic looks like she is being held hostage somewhere.”Help. My name is Christina.”


  3. I am reading an ‘excellent wife’. I’d like to do the button thing, but need help. I need to post it to my blog and link it back to yours. And I don’t know if this comment leaves my email. Does it?? If not, how do I change that?


  4. Hi, Amy. Your comment did not leave your email address. If you check “enable email” on the comment form, I will be able to see your email address. No one else will, though. I’m happy to help with the button. You can just email me, if you like. 🙂


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