I’ve had enough fun to last me for a while

So, last night Hubs and I are watching Mythbusters together when a Sonic commercial beckons us to the nearest Sonic for some late night milkshake action.

We take the kids in their PJs for a little “pajama run” because I’ve heard these rank as one of the highest forms of family fun imaginable.

We load up and head out for a wonderful hour of making memories. Oh, happy happy joy joy.

The kids are pounding their armrests to some old Genesis music when we pull into well-lit Sonic lot. It’s totally renovated and looking very vintage. How can you not smile in the presence of so much neon?

Karl chooses his order station carefully, parks, and we start writing down our orders. Abbey wants an Oreo Blast. Noah wants an Oreo Blast. Hannah wants a Reece’s Cup Blast. Ben wants a Blue Coconut Slush. I want to step out of my comfort zone (oreo blast) to try a Butterfinger Blast. Karl “Once-I-Find-Something-I-Like-Why-Change” wants a chocolate malt.

I know. This is riveting.

Karl presses the big red button and the waiting begins. We wait so long that we begin to wonder if it’s broken. Karl is a polite man, so he does not push the button repeatedly. Finally, a voice comes from the other side to ask for our order.

Karl begins: I want a medium Blue Coconut Slush.

Sonic dude: OK.

Karl: Two Oreo Cookie Blasts

Sonic dude: Wait a minute.

OK. A medium Blue Coconut Slush?

Karl: Yes. Two _

SD: Wait a minute.


K: Two Oreo Cookie Blasts

SD: OK. Wait a minute.

OK. Blue Coconut Slush, two Oreo Blasts?

K: Right. One Reece’s Cup Blast.

SD: OK. Wait a minute.

OK. Blue Coconut Slush, two Oreo Blasts, one Reece’s Cup Blast?

K: Right. One Butterfinger Blast.

SD: Wait a minute.

OK. What was that?

K: One Butterfinger Blast.

SD: OK. One Butterfinger Blast?

K: Yes. And a large chocolate malt.

SD: Wait a minute.

OK. What was that?

K: A large chocolate malt.

SD: Wait a minute.

OK. Blue Coconut Slush, two Oreo Blasts, one Reece’s Cup Blast, a Butterfinger Blast, one large chocolate malt, anything else?

K: That’s it.

He rings it up. Karl swipes his card. And we wait.

I have a perfect view to see what is going on inside the kitchen. One young lady is having a very difficult time with the ice cream machine. Every time she pulls the lever, milky cream explodes from the dispenser. She screams and all the males laugh at her. So, she does it over and over again. Finally, someone figures out that is must be out of ice cream. They do whatever they do, get it working again, and she starts making our treats.

We wait.

We finish the Genesis CD and put in another. Listen to several more songs. Take out that CD and put in another. We chat about the day.

Then a Sonic employee comes to our van with four cups and a bag. No Butterfinger. No Reece’s Cups. No Blue Coconut. No chocolate malt. What we do have are four Oreo Blasts and an order of mozzarella sticks.

We check the receipt to make sure it’s our order. The receipt reads:
1 Blue Coconut Slush
2 Oreo Blasts
1 Reece’s Cup Blast
1 Butterfinger Blast
1 large chocolate malt

SD: Oh, we’re out of Butterfingers.

Me: An Oreo Blast is fine.

SD: So, you still need one chocolate malt, one Reece’s Cup blast, and one blue coconut, right?

K: Right.

So now we have an extra Oreo Blast. And we wait some more.

I won’t mention all the impatient comments from the kids. It was not pleasant. No happy family memories were made during this time.

SD comes back with a Blue Coconut Slush, a Reece’s Cup Blast, and a small chocolate malt.

K: Is this a large?

SD: (sigh) I’ll bring you another one. You can just keep the small.

So now we have two shakes we didn’t ask for.

SD brings Karl’s large malt. Everyone is happy. We head for home.

Just as we are pulling out of the parking lot, Noah says, “I think I’m allergic to this. My throat is tickling.”

I take his cup and taste the contents. It appears that even though his blast was covered with Oreo cookie crumbs, it was actually a Reece’s Cup Blast.

While we rush home for antihistamines, we keep Noah talking to gauge whether or not his airway is closing. He sounds fine all the way home. I give him his medicine and keep a close eye on him the rest of the night.

All night long he seems fine. His color is good. He never has any gastrointestinal upset. Most importantly, his airway never tightens.

The bad thing about a peanut allergy is that the sufferer can experience something called a biphasic reaction, that is, the reaction can re-manifest itself as many as 8 hours later.

Noah woke up this morning with terribly swollen facial features. He even has a low grade fever. It’s less than 100 degrees, so I’m not panicking. Yet.

He says he feels fine. He is playing and talking. His airway is open, no wheezing or breathing difficulty of any kind. He just looks awful.

So, two days in a row I am asking for you to pray for someone in my family.

I know several of you have children with food allergies, even peanut allergies. I’m sure you are better about this than I have been of late, but I’m going to write it anyway… stay vigilant when you visit restaurants.

Oh, and the “pajama run” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


11 Comments on “I’ve had enough fun to last me for a while

  1. This would be hysterically funny if not hysterically tragic. Ayyyeeee! what a night! I have a peanut allergy kid too. Vigilance all the time is a big deal. I’ll be praying for your boy. And you.


  2. I was laughing until I got to the allergic reaction part. Wow – scary! I’m praying for your son and for you.


  3. Yeah, I was chuckling too until the allergic reaction started. Not funny at all. I’ll be praying too.


  4. I think I’d be at the Sonic today, asking for the manager! Sorry you had such a bad experience.


  5. Karl said he’s going to call the manager. I think the poor guy who was taking care of our order must have been a very new employee.


  6. I was laughing too until I got to the peanut part. That is scary! I’m always nervous about ordering ice cream too because you never know if they used the same scoop on something that had peanuts. Praying for you and your family.


  7. Leslie, I feel like a testosterone interloper here, but just had to comment…you’ve got a real penchant for drama – I mean the written kind. You’re the sort of writer that Christian publishers ought to have writing their seasonal church plays.I’m glad everything turned out alright – relatively, as you say – and that your son is out of danger.


  8. OH MY GOODNESS : ( That makes me crazy!!!! I would have been REALLY angry at the point of taking a bite and learning that there was butterfinger on top, BUT it was PEANUT BUTTER! : ( Oh sister!!! Praying for you for sure!!!


  9. Like you, I’ve always heard that the PJ run is so much fun, but wondered about all the work involved, sugar consumed late at night, etc. I think sometimes, things sound more fun than they really are. But I bet your kids will remember this outing for years to come. And now that you know Benjamin is OK, they may even laugh about it.


  10. I am so glad everything turned out okay. I am sooooo glad that it didn’t turn out with “fro-up” involved. Bless your heart Leslie! Trying to be a fun momma is hard work!!!I knew the whole thing was headed south as soon as you said they were out of Butterfingers.Never a good thing.


  11. Very interesting post, this! Josh even read it. So typical of late night fast food. =) And I’m so glad Noah is okay!!!


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