Karl called Sonic…

to tell them what happened last night. Not to get anything or to threaten to sue, but just so that they would be aware of what happened because he thought someone in management needed to know.

The woman he spoke to was very glad that he called because they understand the dangers associated with peanut allergy. She was also very relieved we weren’t planning to sue Sonic. She offered her sincerest apologies and promised to look into it. Honestly, what more could we ask?

Later this afternoon, the manager of the Sonic we visited called to apologize and invite us to have a free dinner for our family at Sonic.

And that’s the end of our Sonic Saga.

3 Comments on “Karl called Sonic…

  1. very wise of Karl to call Sonic!! I’m so glad – the manager definitely needed to know that!!!


  2. What a week you have had! I’m glad that Benjamin is OK. That can be really scary!


  3. Bless his heart! And yours! How frustrating! And disappointing that an evening that should have been fun turned out the way that it did. I am so glad there was no lasting damage done–may your boy continue to recover and quickly! And may Sonic learn a lesson!


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