Cell phone dangers?

Snopes says this is fake. The popcorn is dropped to the table and the kernels are edited out of the film.

An unrelated quandary: Orange juice and popcorn?

2 Comments on “Cell phone dangers?

  1. We saw this video on youtube a few weeks ago and we couldn’t figure out why they used four different phones to call the four laying on the table – like the second and third group in this video.Why they didn’t just make the calls using the phones actually on the table. They needed EIGHT phones to do it this way. Weird. The kids still want to try it. I wonder if it matters if the popcorn is from a microwave bag.


  2. hey leslie-love your site. this is so not cool, if it is real! my husband manages the verizon wireless store for our city! and ironically, i, being the weirdo that i am, have been following (somewhat)joseph mercola’s research on cell phones for the past couple of years. you might check it out. we don’t even have a landline. apparently we’re all doomed! we are definitely going to try this at home.


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