Abbey’s Fancy Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Abbey’s fifth birthday. She had been waiting for this celebration for months. Can you see her satisfaction in this picture?

One of her favorite characters is Nancy, from the Fancy Nancy series of books. So her party featured the books and some Fancy Nancy party activities.

The ladies wore their dresses, jewelry, and feather boas.

Even the young men got fancy, donning top hats, bow ties, and facial hair.

I think Fancy Nancy would have been proud of our fanciness. We ate fancy sandwiches. We put sprinkles on our cupcakes. Our drinks even had fancy umbrellas.

There wasn’t much we could do about all the Alabama clothing…it was opening day!

7 Comments on “Abbey’s Fancy Party

  1. Oh what fun. Everyone looked fabulous! How fun to have a 5 year old fancy party. Sweet!!


  2. Oh fun!!!! I love the fancy theme! I didn’t realize that Samuel and Abbey were so close in age! : )


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