Video of Sarah Palin Speaking at her Church

You will enjoy listening to Sarah Palin talk about what she believes about God’s work in Alaska. I know some people will scoff at this because it’s obviously a charismatic church. I am not interested in the cessation/continuation debate (for now). Nor am I interested in whether or not being charismatic makes one unfit for governing. What I think is important is what she says.

Her words give great insight into what she believes about the balance between her role in government and the church’s role to minister to people and how it all works together for the good of Alaska (and, though she doesn’t mention it, the USA as a whole).

The other interesting aspect of being a woman in government is that of headship. There has been a lot of blogging this week about whether or not it’s biblical for women to be in positions of authority over men. Palin refers to herself as a woman under the authority of her church even as she is governor of her state. So, while she is in authority over her state, she recognizes that that does not carry over to her position/role in the church. Interesting stuff.

Take a listen!

3 Comments on “Video of Sarah Palin Speaking at her Church

  1. I think she’s great, and I, like you, am not interested in the whole cessation or not thing. She’s a Christian sister, and an awesome leader.Concerning questioning her authority over men, I don’t think Paul was talking about anything outside of the church. The whole discussion is confused. Sarah for president!


  2. I agree with you, that Paul was only talking about a woman’s role in the church. I’ve been so surprised this week at the women bloggers who are angry about Palin’s decision to run.


  3. Sarah for presiden?! I almost missed that part, John. I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. Let’s see how it goes with her as VP. How bout this: Palin/Jindal 2012?


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