Cooking Ahead, A Tale of Pursuing the Proverbs 31 Lady

I must say, I am very embarrassed to admit what I’m about to admit on this illustrious international inter-tubular weblog. But I must.

Monday night, I baked some sweet potatoes, put together a fresh salad, green beans, and marinated some steaks for Karl to grill. Then I had an idea. Hey, the oven is already hot, I’ll go ahead and cook this oven roast while it’s still fresh, and we can eat it later in the week. I seared the roast, threw on some herbs and spices, covered it, and put it in the oven.

Then, I started feeling pretty proud of myself. Self, I said, You are doing something you’ve only read about on other homemakers’ blogs: you are cooking ahead. You are going to save precious minutes, minutes that you can spend blogging, or reading, or doing nothing, future minutes can be re-appropriated just because you are cooking this roast before you need it. You are in hot pursuit of that Proverbs 31 Lady.

I even went so far as to beg Hubs for a pat on the back. “Hey, isn’t this smart?”

And he, being the sweet fella he is, he said, “Yeah, baby.” He even gave me a kiss. But not on the lips, because I was sicker than he.

About an hour and a half later, after we’d all eaten and cleaned up, the kids were getting ready for bed, Karl walked through the kitchen and said, “Did you know you left the oven on?”

“Oh, no! Did I? Will you turn it off, please?”

He did. An hour or two later we went to bed.


I stumbled to the kitchen (sing it: pour myself a cuppa ambition) and started thinking through the day ahead of us. That’s when it hit me. THE ROAST!

Perhaps, by some miracle during the night, someone moved the roast to the refrigerator! I covered my eyes in an effort to shield myself from the inevitable cold, brown 3.5 pounds of shame awaiting me.

Why, why, WHY didn’t I remember the roast? Proverbs 31 Lady would have remembered her roast. Not only can she laugh at the days to come, she can laugh at me. She patted me on the head and grinned, Oh, you poor dear. Let’s have a look, shall we? Hm, well, there’s no hope for it now. Perhaps you’ve learned a lesson? Yes. Aside from learning that my internal Proverbs 31 Lady is English, I learned that she is not to be mocked.

Obviously, after an hour and a half, the slab of meat would have had some kind of aroma. However, because I had a stuffy nose, I couldn’t smell it cooking! I can’t blame Hubs. Why would he smell a roast when he had just filled up on steak?

All we could do was look from one another to the roast. Karl said, “Are you sure we can’t eat it?”

In light of that, Brian Regan talking about “Cook Fairies” made me laugh.

8 Comments on “Cooking Ahead, A Tale of Pursuing the Proverbs 31 Lady

  1. hey, welcome to my world! this is so Monica, I can’t even begin to tell you. 🙂


  2. Yep. I’ve done it, too. What usually happens at our house is this: Whatever we had for dinner is too hot to put away, so I spirit it somewhere high and out of the way so my sneaky dog, Ivy, doesn’t tiptoe (yes, she tiptoes) to the kitchen, raise herself up on her back paws like a meercat (why can’t I spell merecat this morning?) and eat as much as she can as fast as she can without ever putting her paws on the counter. (which, she knows, is not allowed) Or I stick it in the oven to cool, or in the microwave (doors are good for keeping out the resourceful one) and of course, out of sight, out of mind.


  3. I am a member of the club as well. How about burning the waffles at the hotel with the free buffet? Nothing like exposing my culinary gifts to the public.I love Brian Regan! My girls are always wanting to put ingredients in glass bowls before we cook. They have been warped by Food Network!


  4. Yep, I’ve done that too! Why is it that we stare at it for a full 5 minutes debating whether or not we really can salvage it, knowing all the while that it’s full of germs and needs to be tossed.That video is too funny! I wish I had a cooking fairy in my house.


  5. I’ve done that with the crockpot. Taken the lid of so that it could cool…al night… And more than once I’ve found bags of meat from the grocery store that I thought someone had put away – still sitting by the door the next morning. Yeah, that’ll make you sick.


  6. Ah that sounds so much like something I would do. All these beautiful home management sites are great, but I know I’ll never be good at these kinds of things. Kudos to you for trying!(what’s really bad is when you buy a roast at Costco and they forget to bring it in the house so it sits in the hot truck of your car all day and all night until the next day the horrific stench coming from the garage makes you realize what you did).


  7. ohhhhhh! BUMMER!!! : ( I’m so sorry! I know it’s not on the same scale as a roast, but I boiled about 7 eggs the other day, and left them out on the counter…..for over 2 hrs. Everything I read said they weren’t safe….SO SAD! I hate wasting things! I’m glad you were able to be light hearted about it : ) You’re a Proverbs 31 woman in my book! : )


  8. Oh, I’ve done things like that, too! More often than I care to remember at the moment. That whole pride before a fall thing, I guess I should have seen your ending coming. 🙂


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