Blogger’s new feature

Blogger has a new feature called Followers. I signed on to show which blogs I “follow,” but the application took all those feeds out of my reader folders and put them in a separate “Following” folder. Almost a whole week passed before I realized what happened to all of my favorite blogs. I didn’t like that. I like having my feeds organized so that I can find who I’m looking for when I need to. So, I’ve decided to not do Following so that my feeds will stay where I want them. Please don’t be offended if I’m not “officially following” your blog anymore. It’s not personal, it’s called OCD.

3 Comments on “Blogger’s new feature

  1. Oh I just love the new look! Very clean. And thanks for the heads up on the following thing, I would be the same as you! So I’ll give it a skip. 🙂 Have a good weekend.


  2. I thought you dumped me like a hot potato! :-)I am trying to get used to it too, versus my google reader I used before.I am the queen of OCD.


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