You think security lines are long now…

just wait til Homeland Security implements their Brave New Mobile Mind Reader.

Anyone else have the heeby-jeebies?

3 Comments on “You think security lines are long now…

  1. Oh yeah! that’s freaky. I’m thinking I might get a negative screening if I forget to take my hormone pill :0)BYW…I like your new fall look.


  2. That can’t be for real! I’m sure the technology is real…but the idea of implementing a process that lengthy seems a bit far fetched. You’d have to show up days in advance for anything!


  3. From the Homeland Security websiteHomeland Innovation Prototypical SolutionsFuture Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) ProjectProject Manager: Bob BurnsProject Overview: The Homeland Security Advanced Research Project Agency (HSARPA) and S&T Directorate Human Factors Behavior Sciences Division Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) Project is an initiative to develop innovative, non-invasive technologies to screen people at security checkpoints. FAST is grounded in research on human behavior and psychophysiology, focusing on new advances in behavioral/human-centered screening techniques. The aim is a prototypical mobile suite (FAST M2) that would be used to increase the accuracy and validity of identifying persons with malintent (the intent or desire to cause harm). Identified individuals would then be directed to secondary screening, which would be conducted by authorized personnel.


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