Missionary Monday on Tuesday

Allow me to introduce you to some friends of ours, David, Katie and little John David Kizziah. The Kizziahs are among the sweetest people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. (I’ve been sitting here staring at their picture for about 10 minutes, trying to decide where to begin, and I’m almost in tears. They are precious people)!

First, their love for Christ is conspicuous. They make me want to love Jesus more!

Second, they love the Church. It shows as they eagerly serve our local body.

Third, they have a passion for spreading the gospel that is contagious. David is a gifted communicator. I always enjoy it when he is given the opportunity to preach and share his passion for Christ.

Fourth, they are completely and joyfully surrendered to God’s plan. I’ve spoken with Katie more than David, and she is so excited. We’ve talked a little about what life might be like in Zambia. As soon as she expresses any anxiety about moving her family to Zambia for two years, she is quick to clarify that it’s really just going to be one great adventure of faith in God. Isn’t that awesome?! I want my faith to grow as big as hers.

In my little world of home schooling and whatever else I find to occupy my time, the Kizziahs remind me that there’s a great big, lost world out there. God has called them to share the gospel with His people in Zambia. It is wonderful to consider that there will be Zambians who worship Jesus because David and Katie went to share the gospel with them. I am so happy that God has called them to be a part of His great work. What a privilege!! I am thrilled to be able to partner with them through prayer. I hope you will, too. You can follow them on their new blog, Kizziah Kolumn.

3 Comments on “Missionary Monday on Tuesday

  1. It’s great to see people with a passion for sharing Christ. May it infect us as well!


  2. It never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for sharing this sweet family with us.


  3. They are the cutest family! May the Lord reap a great harvest for His kingdom!


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