They’re like Gungan Energy Balls

Karl is away this week to a fancy technology conference in Orlando. He went to learn more about how to be the best IT manager he can be. But really, he went to see all of his geekiest dreams realized.

He told me about a computer that can read the impulses in your brain and then carry out what your brain is saying in a digital medium, i.e. a game. He said, “It was just like the Jedi mind trick!”

We, meaning the boys, use it — the Jedi mind trick — all the time at our house. It doesn’t always work, but it makes me laugh. Karl lifting hand, “You will fix a bowl of icecream for me…with cherries.” And the boys use it any time they encounter an automatic door. They’re real cool about it, though. They just use a flick of two fingers to open doors. Noah will leap in front of me, strong arm my midsection, and make everyone stop so he can “open” the door for us. He’s such a little gentleman.

Not only is telekinesis becoming a reality, hologram communications are, too. Karl tried to explain something to me about whirling mirrors producing a 3-D image of a man walking onto the stage during one of the sessions he attended, only the man was really 1,000 miles away. My just-turned-35-years-old husband was as giddy as a six-year-old, practically breathless with excitement. He’s been dreaming about that kind of thing since the first time he saw Leia projected from R2D2 in Obi-Wan’s hidey-hole.

He also told me about the next wave of digital screens that look and feel more like paper. You can roll it up and put it in your pocket. Weird.

And there was something about nuclear energy in a cell phone = no more batteries…and water and copper wires and iPods recharging just by being inside the energy field created by the balls and the wire and more stuff I didn’t quite comprehend. It made Karl happy, though. It reminded me of the chest contraption in Ironman.

The other reason to attend these conferences is all the “free” stuff. Having four children means that Daddy brings home four of every SWAG he snags. This is the latest:

Oooh, pretty.

He promised me the cool pen. I can’t wait.

3 Comments on “They’re like Gungan Energy Balls

  1. Raising boys. . .Star Wars is such a big part of boys’ play, isn’t it?In our family the phrase is “Those are not the ( ) you want.As in when I reach for the healthy whole grain bread I hear, “That is not the bread you want” as a loaf of white bread materializes in my shopping cart.It is a collective experience for mothers of boys, isn’t it?


  2. “since the first time he saw Leia projected from R2D2 in Obi-Wan’s hidey-hole.” made me literally LOL. :oDThat is mind boggling stuff.


  3. this made me laugh because we always get a bag full of stuff from conferences too.


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