The Mooneys were featured on Oprah

I just finished watching the short segment with Ginny and Matt Mooney on Oprah. They did a great job! Eliot’s story never ceases to move me. 99 Balloons reminded me today to take life as it comes and enjoy it.

Here’s 99 Balloons in case you haven’t seen it:

They are going to be doing an update on this Friday’s Oprah. They have baby news.

2 Comments on “The Mooneys were featured on Oprah

  1. We all watched this together last night. I feel blessed to have watched this journey in real time. What an amazing testimony! It seems that even more families have been lifted up through this little boy’s life and the celebration of it.Glory to God!


  2. What a precious precious tribute. My heart ached and my eyes did not stay dry. The faith and trust of this couple is such a testimony! Did you know them personally?


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