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This may be the last chance we have to see Roe v. Wade overturned in our generation. If Obama is elected and he appoints liberal judges who understand “how it feels” to be whatever it is he thinks judges need to feel in order to legislate from the bench to his liking, then we can be sure that this holocaust will continue.

At the same time, my hope is not in the Republican party. They have done very little to put a stop to abortion in this country. They could have. They should have. But I’m not ready to give up and vote for someone who unashamedly advocates easy access to abortion.

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  1. Keep bringin’ it Leslie! If I have come to realize anything with this election, it is the utter complacency that our country has settled in regarding abortion.It just is.What a huge step backwards it would be to allow OB to appoint liberal judges. This is not the time to “keep politics to ourselves”.This burden should enable us to speak with great love and conviction to professing Christians and without apology!The lack of education regarding economics and government policy is startling and it is a great leap to bring someone along this late in the game if they are a die-hard liberal regarding taxes.But babies? So many have drank the kool-aid. I pray it is not too late.


  2. Hear, hear. Say, say!! I’m going to come back and leave a great quote I saw yesterday by Mother Theresa…


  3. Hey Leslie,I finally came out of the closet on this issue. You can read what I posted by clicking on my name here. It’s that quote by mother Theresa that I mentioned…


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