An important reason to vote for McCain

The Constitution guarantees the right to LIFE. Without life, one does not even move on to “liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Not only does Obama disregard the Constitution, his own brand of Christianity allows him to support infanticide. This is NOT supporting a “woman’s right to choose.” He fought to maintain the legality of intentionally killing newborn babies.

It makes no sense that he will fight to deny care for an infant and fight for his fundamental belief that it is the right of every American to have affordable, quality healthcare.

2 Comments on “An important reason to vote for McCain

  1. Why can’t people hear what is coming right out of his mouth???Hmmm, I’m really beginning to wonder. Did you read Sproul’s article on voting that Kim had a link to. That was really good…


  2. thanks for so many great posts lately! wow! we’re on the same page!


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