Taxes and Compassion

I read yesterday that Exxon Mobil reported a record profit in the third quarter, $14.83 billion. Wow!

But did you read that they paid a record tax on that profit?


Again, Wow!


Obama says that he is not going to raise taxes. He says that his plan includes a cut for 95% of Americans.

First of all, Obama’s cut for 95% of Americans is impossible. Only 70% of our population pays federal income taxes.

Second of all, Obama is planning to let the Bush tax cuts expire. That means that our taxes will go back up to where they were during the Clinton years. So, he will effectively increase taxes without passing any legislation.

Don’t be fooled. Our taxes are going to go up.

Finally, if Obama says that he is going to give a tax cut to 95% of Americans, most of whom do not pay any taxes, then that means his “cut” is actually a handout.


I don’t understand how anybody could be in favor of any democrat economic plan. Look at the states run by democrat administrations. They are on the brink of bankruptcy, asking the federal government to bail them out, because they can’t keep taxes low for the “middle class” AND fund all of their wonderful programs to give their citizens the “help they deserve.” They’ve taxed their local businesses and “upper class” out of production. There isn’t enough revenue to support the government programs. Just evaluate New York and California. It doesn’t work!


Many Christian bloggers advocate voting for Obama because, “Aren’t we supposed to be compassionate, to care for the poor?”

Yes, we are. However, Jesus wasn’t talking about the rule of government. He was talking to his followers. If you’re one of his, then you’re going to be doing your part, individually and/or through your church, to care for “the least of these.” And don’t forget that Paul teaches us to show special preference to the family of God when it comes to our giving. They will know we are Christians by our love…for one another.

Do you really think that God will view your taxes as alms? If you are concerned for the poor and want to see something done about the poor in your community, then get out there and do something about it. Get involved right where you are. What’s stopping you?

It’s been proven time and again since FDR that when the government gets involved the work stalls, becomes inefficient, and more expensive. A government agency will not care for the people in your community half as much as you do.

Obama said during the Saddleback Forum that he believes the greatest moral failure of America has been our neglect of “the least of these.” He is known for giving millions to his church and to people like Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers, while his brother lives in a hut in Kenya, making $12 a year, and his aunt lives in a slum in Boston. He isn’t even taking care of his own family. He wants the government to do it, I suppose.

I know that people are struggling. As is always the case, some are struggling more than others and some are not struggling at all. But what else are we supposed to expect our government to do? The federal government provides food via the food stamp program, WIC, and school breakfast and lunch programs. Health care is provided by medicare, medicaid, the S-CHIP program, and a dozen pharmacy plans. If you don’t have a home you can apply for public housing. Education is provided by public schools. Need to go to college? Apply for a federal grant or loan. What is it that people are expecting Barack Obama to do, to be for them? And at what cost?

Besides that, what’s compassionate about a government that keeps its citizens under its control and enslaved?

And while I’m on Obama’s call for compassion….don’t forget this is the same man who would rather doctors and nurses leave a helpless infant to die alone on a cold table or in a waste bin. His compassion talk is just talk. This man is cold-hearted.

7 Comments on “Taxes and Compassion

  1. GOOD MORNING! Your blog should carry a warning statement:”If the truth is offensive, then you may want to head to another blog, cause this one is BRINGIN’ IT!”Seriously. I cannot begin to understand those in favor of OB or really any democratic government. It makes no sense!You cannot govern morality. If Christians want to pick and choose scripture they need to be sure they are not omitting the commandment to not murder.Also, 2 Thessalonians 3:10. Obama is cold-hearted. I will not speak with kind words about a man who advocates such evil and heinous acts against a living and breathing newborn baby. I will not play “Pollyanna Politics” during this election because I believe that to be utterly foolish.Thank you for continuing to speak truth. Love you Leslie!


  2. Hi Leslie! Did tou happen the hear the comment from the lady after the Obama rally in Sunrise, Fl? (Where I live incidentally)She sounded completely starstruck and she said “I’m not going to have to worry about putting gas in my car, I’m not gonna have to worry about paying my mortgage! If I help him, he’s gonna help me!!” I was literally dumbfounded that people are swallowing all his “promises” hook, line, and sinker. I really feel sorry for them.


  3. Girl, I want YOU to do an infomercial! I just keep thinking, if the truth were put out in front of these poor people who are ignorant beyond belief, they would “get it”and that would be that. But sadly, I am seeing these people confronted with the truth (the topics in your post)and they fight against it, thinking Obama is going to take away all their cares and give them a eutopian world. What he IS going to do, if elected, is take away all our reason to think on our own because he believes we are all too stupid to make decisions and that he should do it for us.Great post!


  4. Amen, Leslie! I have loved your recent posts. I am so sad that so many are being deceived…I agree with Kim, too! Keep bringin’ it! 🙂


  5. This is a great post, Leslie. What puzzles me is how many of my quite educated & intelligent friends are big fans of Obama?


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