Tin Foil and free food

Earlier this week, Molly blogged about last year’s family trip to Chipotle. All you have to do is wear a little tin foil and you get a free burrito.

My kids thought that sounded like fun. Actually, Benjamin didn’t believe me.

“All I have to do is wear foil and they’ll give me a burrito? Free? Riiiight.”

We decided to make it more fun than just wearing a little foil. We decided to dress up.

Abbey had to be a princess. She put on one of her princess dresses and made a foil bracelet and crown.

Noah dressed as a knight: sword, breastplate, cape, and an authentic looking medieval knight helmet made of foil.

Benjamin dressed as a man from the old west: cowboy hat, huge mustache, jeans, bandana and a foil pistol.

Hannah dressed as Sarah Palin. She wore some of my clothes. I fixed her hair up like Palin’s and made her a pair of Palin glasses with foil.

I dressed as Indiana Jones. I wore one of Karl’s fedoras, leather jacket, a khaki shirt, jeans and boots. Karl made a foil whip for me and I wore it on one of my belt loops. I’m rather pale, so I had to dirty up my face with makeup to complete the look.

Most of the people in the restaurant weren’t really in a costume. Some did as little as putting a bit of foil on a finger. Noah noticed one other knight: a college student with an aluminum pan on his chest. He liked Noah’s helmet. In fact, I think he may have garnered the most comments.

We had a lot of fun together and our free burritos were delicious! I hope we can do it again next year.

4 Comments on “Tin Foil and free food

  1. We don’t have that restaurant near us, but it sounds like fun. Do you have any pictures? I love all your costume ideas.


  2. Y’all, I’m sorry. No pictures. I took a few of the kids, but I was in such a hurry that none of them are good enough to put on the blog.


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