Election Day — A Day of Firsts

For the first time in my voting life I had to wait in line.

Karl woke all of us early this morning so that we could get to our polling place when it opened. Hundreds of others in our community had the same idea. We missed all the hullabaloo, but heard that there was a mad rush to get in the doors when they opened. The sheriff had to be called to restore calm and organization. We missed all the excitement by about 10 minutes.


Voter turn-out in Alabama is usually pretty low. In the past, voting has taken me about 10-15 minutes — never a line. Today, I had to wait for an hour! If turn-out all over the country is anything like it is here in our little city, then this election is going to be historic in more ways than one.

Usually everything is pretty quiet on election day. Today, people were shouting the name of their favorite candidate from their cars as they waited at the intersection.

I saw a poll-watcher for the first time today.

I saw people registering to vote minutes before they voted today.

I noticed residential neighborhood signs had been defaced overnight with lewd comments regarding one of the candidates.

For the first time, the issues are not the deciding factor for many voters. How do you engage someone on the issues when he or she is voting on feelings alone? It is impossible.

Until a little while ago, I still had hope that McCain could win, that at least it would be a very tight race. I’m not so optimistic anymore. I don’t even think it will be close. Karl has been telling me for weeks that I needed to go ahead and accept the fact that Obama will be our president. He’s been saying, “Landslide.” Instead, I’ve chosen to listen to my favorite radio personalities, hold on to my hope, and pray.

I think I’d feel a little bit better if I had any concrete idea of WHO Barack Obama is. Unfortunately for me and the rest of America, no one has sufficiently investigated him and shared that information with the us. Just yesterday I found out that he is planning to place caps on carbon emissions, drive up electric rates, and bankrupt the coal industry. What “new” information we will have tomorrow? The LA Times has already said that they would release the video of the Khalidi dinner on Nov. 5.

I have to take the kids to their piano lessons.


2 Comments on “Election Day — A Day of Firsts

  1. Leslie,”The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will” (Proverbs 21:1, ESV).These guys don’t have any more power than God allows them to have.Don’t focus on these men but on God’s glory. He is sovereign. He will glorify His name through whichever candidate wins. Man’s will cannot triumph over God’s will. Trust Him! 😉


  2. I’m praying all the last minute registrants are McCain supporters who have been moved to action by the recent poll results.


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