I’ll Be Back

I fully intended to start blogging regularly again on December 1. Several times this week I sat my fanny at the computer to write something thrilling about the last month, but…honestly? I don’t have much to tell and it certainly isn’t thrilling.

I get asked questions about what our lives are like, what we’re up to, and it’s sometimes depressing to reply that there isn’t anything going on, nothing is out of the ordinary, and there isn’t any news. We get up, Karl works, we do school, I cook (or not), Karl comes home, we read books, we sleep. And then we get up and do it all over again. The monotony is broken up by lessons, church, and meetings here and there, but, overall…not much happening. I’m always in motion, but rarely doing anything out-of-the-ordinary. Typical, middle-class, living-the-American-dream life, right?

And now I feel silly for writing that previous paragraph because I’d be the first person to tell a woman like me that raising/homeschooling four children is (potentially) earth-shattering and eternally significant.

Right now, Karl is trying to fix a leaking shower knob.

The US is…lost. That is the best word I can think of to describe it right now. It’s like we’ve forgotten who we are. Government bailouts? Troop deployments withIN the US? Investigating private citizens? President-elect worship? Russia, China and Venezuela? India and Pakistan? I have tried my best not to pay too close attention because the current events just make me furious and a bit fretful.

I don’t know about you, but the images that came out of Mumbai affected me. The news of how the terrorists tortured those people was shocking to me. Then, we received our Voice of the Martyrs publication in the mail the other day. Entire villages in Orissa are being destroyed because so many people are converting to Christianity. Just imagine a gang walking from house to house in your cul-de-sac, destroying property and killing everyone they find, and no one can stop them because they are the police.

We just never know when our mundane, ordinary lives are going to be rocked to their foundations.

It is so strange to me how my heart is burdened to pray about the terrible things happening around the world and in the next second looking forward to a football game. Sad, but true.

The most excitement at our house has been generated by Alabama’s football season. To say that we are having a blast watching college football this year would be an understatement. Bama went undefeated in the regular season and is ranked #1. We did not expect this! While I thoroughly enjoyed our Thanksgiving get-togethers, I have to admit that I wanted to fast-forward life to 2:30 pm Saturday. I couldn’t wait to see Bama beat Auburn, delivering Auburn’s 7th loss of the season and hastening the dismissal of Tuberville. (For the record, I think firing him is a mistake Auburn will regret.) It was football perfection, my friends. Tomorrow Bama plays Florida for the SEC Championship. I AM SO EXCITED! Herbstreet said today, regardless of your personal feelings for Nick Saban, that this year’s team will be the least talented team Bama will have as long as he is our coach. WOO HOO!

So that’s some of what I’ve not been blogging this past month. You can thank me later.

Oh, I almost forgot to give an update on my book (the main reason I took a break from blogging). I actually have two in the works. One is about our church search and the other may be about depression. I’m not sure I have the depth for the second one, but I’m still thinking through it.

What’s next? Lord willing, I hope to get back to daily updates about our lives and what we’re reading. You know, the usual random stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary.

9 Comments on “I’ll Be Back

  1. Good to hear from you Leslie…We are living in sad times. Makes me yearn for my heavenly home more and more but God is God and He is still in control and we will come through with his help…


  2. Got football on the brain too! This is going to be a nerve-racking game!


  3. I’m glad you’re back, Leslie!Extraordinary lives are lived one ordinary day at a time! The days may seem to run together in monotony but Christ is being formed in you, day in and day out.I can say that; I’ll soon have lived 53 very ordinary years and I have an extraordinary life!: D


  4. Your books sound interesting! Both are topics I can relate to. Will you be giving us a sneak peek? Sample chapters to read?One of these days, I hope to end my blogging break, but like you, I find my days are full of the same old same old.Kim’s comment above is encouraging.


  5. Oh, how I can so relate to what you wrote.I’d love to read your books too.


  6. I have missed you. I have really stepped back from all blogs. I can hardly keep my head above water with schooling 4 and all that has become of us this past fall. I am so glad Dec. is here and I can focus on Christ. But right now… I know that feeling you have at this moment. YOUR football team lost – a big one – and it hits so hard and deep. I’m sorry… 😦


  7. Good to see you again.I’d love a little ordinary actually. My life has been alittle too dramatic lately :o)


  8. Oooooh…so very glad to see you back! I loved this post as it reflects so much of my own musings, only said way (way!) better.


  9. I must agree with everyone – it’s good to have you back! And I like your catch up post. Those “this is where I live” type posts are always my favorite. Your church-search book sounds intriguing. I hope I get to read it. =)


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