The Aftermath (at my house)

Bama lost. My little boy is weeping right now. He won’t stop. He’s in his room, talking to himself. “Nooo.” “Whyyyyy?”

This isn’t unusual. Honestly, I haven’t known a little Bama fan who didn’t cry over a Bama loss at one time in his life. I’ve known a few grown Bama fans who have cried after a Bama loss. I remember watching my little brother run into our backyard, throw himself on the ground and cry like his best friend died. Karl has already given Benjamin the “there’s no shame in losing to a superior team” speech. Bama did play well. Florida played better. Maybe I should say that Tim Tebow played better. That young man carries the whole team on his back — he’s an incredible leader for the Gators. No doubt.

I think Benjamin has calmed down now. He just came in and asked if we could turn off the t.v. “I don’t want to listen to anymore football talk,” he said. I do hope Florida goes on to win the National Championship. But I can’t tell Benjamin — the wound is too fresh. GO SEC!! And go Tebow. I can’t help but like the guy.

I have to go make plates for dinner! After dinner, we’re planning to spend our evening decorating our Christmas trees and decking our halls. I hope the lights don’t reduce me to tears!

5 Comments on “The Aftermath (at my house)

  1. My son cried too….I wanted to myself. I don’t think we were out played by FL, but that 4th quarter interception changed the whole game.Oh well, we’ve got a young team and a fabulous coach! Here’s to the Sugar Bowl and next year! ROLL TIDE!


  2. I must admit I still do that on occasion… but not this season! (Redskins, of course)I hope decorating the tree will lift your spirits more than reduce you to tears! 😉


  3. You’re a good sport. I found it difficult to be gracious when my beloved OSU Beavers lost to our arch-rivals, the U of O ducks at “Civil War.” Meaning we don’t get to go to the Rose Bowl! I really did almost cry. I try to remind myself that it’s just a game, but it’s hard. Loved your husband’s pep talk speech. Wise words… 🙂


  4. Roll Tide, friend… (I always feel uber-important when I write that since I learned it from you). :)Merry Christmas! Hope you are all doing well…Angel


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