Happy New Year/I Have A Blog

I’ve been sitting her for five minutes thinking of a pithy beginning for this post. I want to be interesting and charming and I’d like for you to want to become a subscriber by the time you get to the end. But five minutes is too long to think about how to begin when I don’t have a good idea for where this is going. Now that I’ve started, though, I feel better. My fingers are warming up. My brain doesn’t seem quite so fuzzy.

I didn’t intend to take a break from the blog, but I let a few days go by without a new post and I decided that another break would probably be a good thing for me. I didn’t even twitter. But I DID thoroughly enjoy my time with friends and family.

With no parties on my calendar for this weekend, I’m looking forward to packing up all the lights and ornaments and wreathes so that we can start school on Monday. I’m hoping that we can get most of our decorations put away before the Sugar Bowl. I can guarantee that there will be nothing but cheering and chip eating going on at my house during the game. Priorities.



5 Comments on “Happy New Year/I Have A Blog

  1. I had to grin when I read your post! I’ve been on a blogging break myself and honestly, I don’t have a bloggy thought in my brain right now! I probably ought to do something more than post a quote or a picture of my grandson, but I really can’t think of anything worth writing about that hasn’t been written better by someone else already.Hmmm. Maybe that’s what I’ll blog about. . .or not.


  2. happy new year Leslie!we’re back to school on monday too and i think it will be tough after a break. 🙂


  3. Happy New Year! We start up on Monday. I need to buckle down and write up a new schedule. One of my only goals (for the second half of this school year) is to have a better schedule – and STICK to it! I need more structure!! Good luck Monday!


  4. I totally think you are interesting and charming and I’m so glad you have a blog!Happy New Year!


  5. And happy New Year to you and yours Leslie. Good for you on your break!


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