My much beloved Bama

lost the Sugar Bowl. And it wasn’t just a loss, as in, “Bama fought hard but couldn’t pull out the win this time.” It was an ugly beat-down kind of loss.

I hope Andre Smith watched the whole thing. His blocking skills were sorely missed.

I’m just sayin’.


3 Comments on “My much beloved Bama

  1. Too funny. I looked at your post in my reader and I thought it read “My Beloved Obama”…I couldn’t believe my eyes…you can imagine my shock. Then I realized my mistake. LOL!


  2. I thought of you last night. Poor Leslie. The Tide forgot to roll.As a fan of the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns, and all things OSU (Ohio State) I commiserate with you.


  3. Is that Barak Obama? LOL! OH…’s football. I think I know that sport…it’s kinda like hockey, only worse…..;-)


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