Well. This week didn’t begin as I had hoped. Instead of starting school on Monday, I came down with the flu (or something with flu-like symptoms). I am thankful that the chills are gone, but it still hurts to move.

I hope I start feeling better soon because the house is a disaster. Everything is piling up and, because of plans I made back in August, we’re two days behind on my lesson plans. Once I feel better it will probably take me a day to get everything back in order, then that makes us three days behind. It’s frustrating but I’ll get over it.

No, I should look at this as God’s best for our family right now. For whatever reason, I’m sick when I want to be well, I’m in the bed or on the couch when I want to be teaching and reading to the kids. I should be thankful. I’m thankful that this is happening while Karl is still home for vacation. I’m thankful that he enjoys doing laundry.

Can you believe it? I don’t even feel like reading. There’s nothing on television — the news is depressing and I can only endure so many chefs and elaborate wedding cakes.

But I can lie here and move my fingers. I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned in high school, but typing isn’t one of them.


Stream of consciousness:
I won an ebay auction for some Sonlight curriculum we needed. It was an awesome deal.

Our church is hosting a biblical evangelism training seminar soon. I think it will be a great way to start the new year and challenge me to step out of my comfort zone this year.

New seasons of Lost and 24. Are you looking forward to any tv shows? Oh, I read that this is the last season for Monk. Any Monk lovers out there?

So far so good on my Bible reading plan this year. I know it’s only been six days. Ask me again mid-March.

I had planned to read Calvin’s Institutes with ref21 this year, too, but for some reason I still haven’t received my book in the mail. I’ll have some catching up to do when it gets here.

It’s been raining here for days. (I just looked out the window).

All of our Christmas decorations are put away. The room always feels so huge after we take the tree down.

We also sold our big, cabinet piano. We decided to get a keyboard. The kids are excited about it. I’m thrilled that they’ll be practicing with headphones from now on. Oh yeah, and there’s more space!

Hoping for a healthy tomorrow! G’night, y’all.

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  1. Hope your aches go away soon and that you are back to normal! I’m a reality nut..Top Chef, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, and Survivor are my picks. My dear husband cannot stomach reality shows though :0)


  2. Hope you feel better! I’m with you on the Bible reading. Ask ME again in March. Also with you on the rain. Surely it’s been weeks not days since we saw the sun! Rain, rain, GO AWAY…


  3. I had this last week. Yuck. Tylenol (1000mg.) helps with the aches. Hope you feel better soon.


  4. I hope you’re feeling better today!I’m not much of a TV watcher, but I do like watching the Food Network when I’m making my bed in the morning. Sometimes I have to sit down on the end of the bed and finish watching the rest of the show. That never happened when I used to watch the Weather Channel, heeheehee.


  5. Get better sooooon! I’m a Monk fan! But we hardly ever get to see it, it’s never on at a normal time….


  6. I am not 100% yet either and my house AND the Christmas decorations are testifying … I need to sleep, but I am barely keeping my head up from the day. Getting behind is the pits. I am trying to be thankful and remember God’s ordained these days and weeks to be as they are. I just want my Christmas tree to quit mocking me.Prayers that you are feeling healthy soon.


  7. Our tree is still up. FirstHusband asked me if it would still be up this weekend – when his parents come to visit. I’m deciding. It is pretty. But it is a three day weekend. It would be EASIER to take it down over the weekend. We could make it part of our family activities. That would be fun for them, right?


  8. hope you feel better soon. I am looking forward to LOST, been hooked since the beginning.My brother is also blogging about reading, and posting a summary (might help you catch up) of the Institutes in 2009.


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