Chills down my spine

“I’m going to tell you this, on judgment day, I would rather be standing in the group of liberal politicians waiting to receive my judgment than I would be wanting to stand in the group with conservative pastors in the United States of America, and I mean that.

You can thump this bible all day long, you can talk all sorts of things, but when you stand up and you can’t even give a biblical invitation do not talk to me about the inspiration of Scripture. When you deal with men’s hearts with trivial little credal prayers and superstitious nonsense, don’t talk to me about the infallibility of Scripture unless you’re going to also say its sufficient to teach me how to invite men to Christ.”

-Paul Washer

(HT: Reforming Mom)

5 Comments on “Chills down my spine

  1. Leslie- Do you actually feel this way, or is your heading in response to this quote? Because this doesn’t sound like you. ~Blessings!


  2. The heading is my response after reading the quote. Those are some harsh words from Washer.


  3. You would be hard pressed to listen to Paul Washer preach and not come away completely grieved as to how we live in light of the gospel. His preaching is some of the best I have ever heard. Thank you for writing about this. In our initial journey towards finding a church that preached the Word (over 3 years ago), we also began to understand true evangelism in a way that had never been shared with us before in the Baptist church. The truth that we cannot claim credit, neither for the conversion or for the rejection of God. He alone changes the hearts of men.It is so easy to fall into the trap of measuring our methods by measuring the outcomes.


  4. It’s true that I believe that a lot of churches have the form of godliness, but they lack the power thereof. They try getting into politics. They try using salesmen techniques. They try telling people what they want to hear.It’s all vanity.


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