Let’s think about something else, mmkay?

A couple of weeks ago I decided that we would not do any school today. I took the kids to their cousins house where they made a movie and played wii games. Hannah tells me that they even created bloopers for the bonus features on their upcoming dvd and that Noah had a hard time not looking into the camera.

Knowing that the kids would be away for most of the day, I daydreamed about how to spend my day. I created a very long mental list of everything I could do during the few hours I had all to myself.

I could sit and enjoy the quiet. I do enjoy solitude.
I could clean and enjoy the cleanliness for longer than 20 minutes.
I could visit the bookstore and just see what’s out there.
I could finish up our lesson plans for the week.
I could run.
I could write.
I could catch up on my reading.

Any one of those things would have been good to do.

What actually happened?

I chatted with Aunt Bonnie for a little while.

I thought about running.

I made myself pretty and met Karl for a lovely lunch. He took me out to one of my favorite local restaurants (Chuck’s Fish, for you local readers). I had the perfect southern sandwich. No, not a bologna on white. I ate a BLT made with fried green tomatoes on multi-grain bread and slathered with a mayo pesto dressing. Y’all, it was so good.

After taking Karl back to his office, I decided I would spend some time writing.

About an hour had passed when the phone rang. It was Bonnie. She and her family were going to see Mall Cop and wondered if I minded if my kids saw it with them. I popped some popcorn for my kids and met them at the theater.

I didn’t do nearly all that I had thought that I would do with my day. I guess if I had turned down Karl’s lunch request I would have had more time to myself, but that wouldn’t have been very wifey of me. And I would have missed out on some fine fried green tomatoes. Plus, Karl and I do not have many meals during which we can complete a conversation.

Karl has been telling me for a couple of weeks now to stop reading the news, stop paying attention to world events and Washington, don’t buy into the doom and gloom. That just rankles me. I have to know. I realize I can’t do anything to change anything, but I feel better knowing about what I can’t change. But Karl thinks that all the bad news (for conservatives, at least) is having adverse affects on me. If I have to keep abreast of the news, then I need to find some way to relieve the stress besides tossing and turning.

So I thought about running.

I remembered my first high school track meet when I thought I’d run so hard that I was going to die. It was a 4×800 (I think) relay. The 3rd leg decided she just couldn’t run anymore. She stopped and SAT DOWN ON THE TRACK! I was the anchor leg and I was embarrassed. I had two laps and a ton of time to make up. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be last to cross the finish. I pushed myself and ran faster than I ever have before or since. Every muscle in my body screamed in painful protest. I collapsed at the finish and I didn’t move for several minutes. I have only felt that kind of pain one other time. The second came when I beat my personal best in the 5K.

I stood with my hand on the door, dressed to run, and the only thing I could remember about running was that running hurts.

So I asked myself a question today: Why do I want to torture myself and call it stress relief?

There has to be a more fun way to do a lifetime of damage to my joints and relieve stress.

9 Comments on “Let’s think about something else, mmkay?

  1. I’ve been feeling the stress right along with you. Here are a few things that help my stress level (because, like you, putting my head in the sand is not an option)I take time to be informed every day on a national and local level.I try to be faithful to my daily tasks and keep busy so I don’t worry so much. (My house is clean and my laundry is done and I defy you to find a pile of poop in my yard! heeheheh) I pray–a lot! I am asking God to give me a true desire to intercede for our nation; not just because of hard times coming but for the Glory of God and the promotion of the Gospel. I NEVER watch TV. I read newspapers. I’ve never yet yelled back at a newspaper.And, last but not least, I only talk to Tom about it over lunch. Sometimes it comes up in the evening but that’s only if HE brings it up.


  2. The solitude I get while walking – WITHOUT headphones is very restorative. I can’t run anymore. Doctor’s orders. The last time I ran, I ended up with a ruptured disc after only 2 weeks. It’s too jarring on the body.


  3. One word: Jazzercise. I’m just sayin’. give it a whirl 🙂 . tee hee.


  4. Mmmmm…..fried green tomato BLT. Thanks for making me hungry even though I’ve already eaten breakfast!


  5. That’s funny about bologna, yes that is a good southern sandwich, if it’s a fried bologna sandwich! Maybe you could just walk instead of running? Glad you guys had a good lunch together! You’re making me crave some FGT though.


  6. Plant a garden – you’ll probably need it when the dollar collapses – you can take out your stress and tone your arms with a shovel and dirt. You can even pretend that you’re throwing your rotten tomatoes at particular people as you smash them against the wall…


  7. Well, now where am I gonna get my daily update???Kidding ;)The only relief I get from running is afterwards. It’s the only thing in the world (and I’ve tried it all) that will actually encourage my metabolism to behave. Other than that, it is pretty much torture 😉


  8. Ok, now I want to go to Chuck’s for lunch.Even when I was at my peak athletic shape, I was never a runner. Somebody would have to be chasing me with a weapon to make me run for any reason.However, I do like walking! 🙂


  9. I agree with Karl…I can't watch the news either. Haven't in a long time. When I do, I start to worry & not trust. It's just not good for my spirit.Running…I thought about it once maybe. But I can tell you it was fleeting!


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