Happy Earth Day!

I mean, Sad, Sad Earth Day….


6 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. Oh my! I had an art teacher in high school who started wailing when she found someone had thrown their painting away. She was upset about the poor trees who had to die so we could have the paper that was so casually wasted.We were all too afraid to laugh but it was a pretty funny sight!


  2. WHAT? YOu don’t worship the great Goddess MOTHER EARTH? I am shocked, Leslie. ;-)I HAVE to show that to my hubby. I couldn’t help but laugh. You can bet those people aren’t mourning the loss of actual HUMAN lives outside of abortion clinics.


  3. WOW!!I had no idea that people in America also worshiped trees! Tree worship here is BIG–but only after the tree has reached 100 years. Here there alters and places to burn incense and pray . . . but what these people are doing in this video is more “worship-esque” . . . UNBELIEVABLE!! I also had the exact same thought that Janet did about the abortion clinics.How sad.


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