I missed my blog’s anniversary

Dear Lux Venit,

I started you on May 30, 2006. It’s kind of strange to me that I’m embarking on my fourth year of blogging. I don’t really have anything profound to say about it….just that it’s kind of odd to me.

When I read back over my earliest posts I see that I was a lot more open, honest, raw, if you will, and I wonder what happened to that daring woman. I’m much more guarded nowadays. I think a lot about choosing words carefully, who exactly will read you and will he or she be offended, and I obsess over whether or not something I’ve written is good, in the spiritual sense of the word rather than the entertaining/interesting sense. What I’m trying to say is that all of my obsessing has thrown our relationship into neutral.

I’ve felt stuck. Like I’m hiding somewhere behind all the books.

I almost deleted all of that. Why? Because it reads like I’m whining or frustrated or needy. I’m not any of those things. I’m trying to write without constantly editing myself. And it feels really good.

I want us to move forward, LV.

I’d write more about what I think that means, but it’s getting late and I have to go weed one of my garden’s furrows before it gets too hot outside. I know how important you want to be, but I have a home and family to care for.

I’m sorry I missed our anniversary.

Til tomorrow,


Thanks for reading Lux Venit. And a big hug to the women who’ve been reading since the beginning and have become dear friends. [The garden is growing great, by the way. We’ve eaten lots of squash and one zucchini so far. And I cannot wait for my first tomato!]

10 Comments on “I missed my blog’s anniversary

  1. Thanks for the hug, Leslie.I understand what you are saying. I know I should post something soon on my own blog but, honestly, I don’t really have anything I want to say. This does not mean my life is not full of activity and fun and family and friends. Or that I’m not reading and studying and learning. I just think that, perhaps, with all the emphasis on facebook and twitter and social media, I am rebelling against all that! (I tend to be that way sometimes…)My Google Reader list has dwindled down to only friends like you and I’m spending a LOT less time on line. It feels good; real good.I’m looking forward to seeing how you and your blog “move forward.”


  2. Congrats on the four years. And may you find your way forward, too.


  3. Been gone for a while so Happy Anniversary to your sweet blog… I talk about you like you live next door 😉 in sentences like, “You know, Leslie? From Lux Venit?”It is bizarre … but I like it.


  4. Hugs to you too! I hope we get to meet sometime this side of Heaven. (My husband wants to take a trip across country sometime before the kids are grown up.) Either way, it will be fun to discover all the things that never made it to our blogs, but are a part of our lives none the less.Happy anniversary!


  5. You don’t sound a bit whiny or frustrated or needy–just honest. For my money, I like honest–especially when your honest sounds like you’re reading my mind or something! ;-)Happy Blog Anniversary! I’m glad our blog paths crossed. You encourage me AND make me think and I’m thankful for both those things. So, write when you can and know we’ll be here reading (when we can!).Friends!L


  6. Congratulations on 4 years!!I could relate to what you said about constantly editing yourself, I think I do that a lot more these days too!


  7. Wow, 3 years already, I think I read your blog from the very beginning! I think we both started out around the same time…..I love reading your blog and here's to more blog posts 🙂


  8. I think I've been reading since the beginning. Hard to believe it's been that long.You have been such an encouragement to me over the years – thank you for that, friend!


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